Why are lanyards so popular?

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Why are lanyards so popular?

Nowadays, meetings, events and trade show sessions are highly competitive. It makes it harder to stand out from others without spending a fortune on simply unnecessary marketing material. 

The lanyard provides a simple but necessary first impression. Providing the person with a unique claim to fame of who you are without telling them. 

Pairing the lanyard with a photo ID card and cardholder makes a perfect accessory. 

With a professionally printed lanyard, you can further differentiate yourself. It makes you seem more professional, but believe it or not, it makes you stick out from the rest. 

Lanyards can be used everywhere, from offices and conferences to schools and hospitals. Lanyards are a perfect networking and branding tool.

Lanyards come in different colours, materials and clasp types. Below are our top choices that will fit every business's needs. 

Lanyard cord with swivel clip

Lanyard cord with swivel clip

The lanyard cord with a swivel clip is solid and long-lasting. This lanyard is made of nylon material that prevents the lanyard from breaking. 

These lanyards are perfect for your employees who just need to show their ID cards to the security officer when necessary. These employees usually do not deal with clients and thus do not need a personalised lanyard with your logo; a lanyard with your brand colour will be good enough. 

The swivel hook is excellent for 360-degree access to your cards, allowing your employees to easily present their IDs quickly as they are close to their bodies. 

These lanyards are best paired with the clear badge ID cardholder to present the photo ID card. The badge holder is a perfect display of your company's name, logo and company information; it allows your company's information to be displayed quickly and visually. These are particularly great for hospitals, corporate offices and gyms. 

The lanyard cord comes in three different colours: blue, green and black. You can choose the colour that best suits your brand and needs. 

Petersham lanyard with swivel hook

Petersham lanyard with swivel hook

Petersham lanyards can be used every day in many different companies. These are perfect for ranked authority. Companies with other members in the organisation can be grouped by the colour lanyard they wear, grabbing people's attention and enabling a sense of hierarchy in the workplace.  

The Petersham lanyard is made of polyester, making it strong and flexible to move around your neck. The swivel hook allows for the attachment of many different cardholders and 360-degree access to your cards.

These lanyards are best paired with the clear twinprox cardholder or card caddie cardholder mainly because you can insert so many more cards in this cardholder, knowing that the lanyard will be able to withstand the weight. These are great cardholders for displaying your ID card with an access card at the back for high-security industries like mines, universities or corporate offices. 

Universities like to use our lanyards with a colour coded cardholder like the red cardholder with the red Petersham lanyard, creating a great representation of the university branded colours and making sense of unity among the students. Staff members will usually get different cardholders and lanyards like our black cardholder with the black Petersham lanyard to state the hierarchy. 

Lanyards also provide a sense of belonging and pride, boosting their satisfaction and trust in the company. If everyone is uniform, members have a great sense of togetherness and uniformity. 

The Petersham lanyard comes in three different colours, including red, blue and black.

Nylon string lanyard

Nylon strong lanyard

The nylon-string lanyard, also known as the shoelace lanyard, is excellent for confrences where you will only be using them for the time being. They are much more affordable than the other lanyards and provide everything you need for a trade event. 

The lanyard is made of nylon but is not as strong as the other lanyards. These lanyards are perfectly paired with the laminated pouch because they are lightweight and easy to display your company's information to a potential client visually. Using a card caddie cardholder or twinprox cardholder may be heavy on the string, so it's safer to go with a lighter option. 

P.s. you’ll never have that awkward conversation again where someone has to ask what your name is after you have been trying to sell them a product for the last half an hour. 

These are great for trade events because your customer does not need to look far for your name and your company's information; increasing your company's personalisation, and your client may feel as if they already know you based on your branding efforts. 

The best thing is that they work with any dress code, providing employees with the ability to wear their professional gear without compromising their looks. 

Now that trade shows are opening up, this is an excellent opportunity to get your brand out there in an affordable way. 

Breakaway lanyard

Breakaway safety lanyard

Breakaway lanyards are great safety protectors. These lanyards are used well in schools, manufacturing industries and mining industries where things can go wrong. 

Made from the most premium polyester, the safety clip at the back of the neck allows you to get out of dangerous situations quickly. 

For example, if a schoolchild is caught in the jungle gym with their lanyard, they can quickly get out of it with the quick release clip. 

Another example is if a worker is working on dangerous machinery like a meat grinder. The lanyard will break off if it is pulled too much and has too much force, saving the worker from any injuries. 

Breakaway lanyards are perfectly paired with our lanyard clips. You can interchange the round disks on the clip for your colour coding needs. Including white, black and pink, they make it easier to classify individuals on a construction site, at an event, in an office setting or children at a school.

The breakaway lanyards are usually well paired with the frosted twinprox cardholder. Still, they are also trendy in the coloured cardholders for schools where they can differentiate grades through colour coding. Also, the little ones love to have a bit of colour in their lives. 

Customised lanyards 

Customised lanyards

Customised lanyards are one of our newest additions, and they have been selling exceptionally well. With our customised lanyards, you can have your unique logo on and present your brand efficiently without even speaking a word; the lanyard will do the talking for you. 

Customised lanyards provide more exposure for your company as excellent giveaways and promotional freebies. 

You can get your logo embroidered, silk-screened or dye sublimated. Embroidery is sewn into the nylon fabric with thread, giving it a slightly raised touch. Embroidered lanyards come with a gorgeous appearance, giving your customers something to talk about. However, embroidery is always more costly and may take longer to be sent to you. 

Silk-screened lanyards are pre-printed lanyards where the design is fused into the lanyard material. There are no colour limitations, and you can choose from a million shades. The best thing about the silkscreen is that the print will not fade, and you can place more detailed text on the lanyards. 

Dye sublimation lanyards are also known as heat transfer lanyards; heat is directly transferred onto the lanyard rather than printed. We usually use polyester material for this, and it is much smoother and silkier than the screen printed lanyards. This technique allows you to print on both sides in any colour and allows for over the edge printing to ensure that no fine details are lost. 

The customised lanyard is nylon and has a swivel flat hook attached to it, allowing your attached cardholder to swivel 360-degrees. We also have options of a swivel clip and crocodile clip based on what you will be using your lanyard for. Customised lanyards are usually well paired with our clear badge cardholder or twinprox clear cardholders, perfect for any event, corporate function, hospital, corporate, gym or university.

The lanyard will display your logo perfectly and stand out from the rest, allowing customers to draw their eyes to your company's name. Let’s face it; when lanyards are worn around the neck, bright colours are hard to miss. 

Different coloured lanyards can separate departments and levels of access, keeping your business safe and secure. The best thing about customised lanyards is that people tend to wear them all the time, meaning that your brand is regularly on display to potential customers. 

Lastly, buying in bulk is a great option when purchasing our lanyards. You get excellent pricing, and we ensure that the quality of your lanyards is premium. 

Ready to get your lanyards? 


When competition is fierce, having a recognisable brand can promote your company and help your business grow. These cost-effective marketing tools will help your customers recognise your brand and engage with it. 

Lanyards are a great use for many industries. Simply taking the time to customise your lanyards shows that you care enough to show it, and this will go a long way for your staff and customers alike. 

Find out more by contacting us at our great pricing. Let your company soar. 

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