Twinprox portrait clear access card holder

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Offering ultimate protection for your ID card.

Fitting 2 cards comfortably.

Compatible with our card accessories including clips, lanyards and badges.

Clear card holder

The clear card holder protects your ID cards.

The strong, durable design is because of the polycarbonate material. Making it last longer.

The clear cardholder holds two cards.

Design of clear card holder

Only held vertically.


  • Healthcare

  • Mining industries

  • Corporates

  • Schools

  • Universities


Once the cards are slotted into both cardholders they cannot fall out easily as they are held securely.

Ensuring that your access ID cards or PVC plastic cards do not bend or break.


You can attach your Twinprox cardholder to your PVC badge strap clip or lanyard accessories.

You can attach a crocodile clip or a PVC badge strap to this cardholder vertically.

Badge holders increase the lifespan of your cards by up to two or more years.

Stolen or lost cards are costly to replace.

Therefore, having a cardholder prevents your company from wasting valuable time and money.

The convenience of a badge holder

Accessing your card when it is in your bag or wallet takes time and can be impossible to find when in a rush.

Therefore, with cardholders strung around your neck or on your shirt. You can speedily access your important cards.

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Locally manufactured.