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In the mining industry, security is very important, especially in South Africa. Mines are often huge, complex, and potentially hazardous environments, making it essential to control access, track personnel, and protect valuable assets effectively. Because of the value of the products extracted from underground, mines are also vulnerable to theft and other criminal activity. Keeping up with the ins and outs of a busy mine can be challenging, so it’s important to have services that protect the safety and security of the mine and its workers.  This is where Easi-Card steps in with solutions tailored to the unique needs of the...

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The most important part of creating a staff ID card is?… Yes, you guessed it, a good ID card photo. But the process of taking a good ID photo can be difficult. It can take many attempts to get the perfect shot which ends up taking hours out of your day instead of just a few minutes.  Many different issues can arise from your employees taking ID photos. For example, employees may feel uncomfortable with someone taking their picture, which may cause them to move or fidget creating a shaky or poor image. Or images may contain a shadow from...

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