Clear badge ID card holders

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The clear cardholder is made from polycarbonate, making it very durable and visible. Protecting it against dust and dirt.

You are able to see the faces on the cards very clearly. Good for ID cards.

The cardholder is a great way to protect your student, employee or access cards from bending or breaking and prolongs the life of your card by 2 years.

Clear name badge holders

For more information watch this video on clear name badge holders!

The badge holders are a great way to protect student/employee cards against:

  • Dust

  • Humidity

  • Grease

  • Grime

  • Liquids.

Keeping your cards clean, safe and tidy for long-time usage. They prolong the usage of your cards by 2 years.

The badge holders are presented horizontally.

The cardholders have a clear armband used to take PVC badge strap clips or lanyards. Please click through to see our selection.

Made with clear polycarbonate which can be branded according to your businesses logo and needs.

You can attach a crocodile clip or a PVC badge strap to this cardholder horizontally.

Badge holders increase the lifespan of your cards by up to two or more years.

Stolen or lost cards are costly to replace.

Therefore, having a cardholder prevents your company from wasting valuable time and money.

The convenience of a badge holder

Accessing your card when it is in your bag or wallet takes time and can be impossible to find when in a rush.

Therefore, with cardholders strung around your neck or on your shirt. You can speedily access your important cards.

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Detail: Specification:
Colour Clear
Material Polycarbonate
Size Credit card size (perfect for any card)
Branding Available