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This cardholder displays your cards both horizontally & vertically, holding up to 3 cards.

The plastic polypropylene cardholder is a durable structure that prevents your cards from bending and breaking.

Mainly used for the mines for storing 3 ID cards together.

The horizontal and vertical ID badge holder

Please watch this video for more information on the horizontal and vertical ID badge holder.


At Easi-card this badge holder is also known as a card caddy cardholder.

Because of this, it is one of our most sought out after cardholders.

This cardholder presents your cards both vertically and horizontally, holding up to 3 cards!

The main problem the cardholder solves is that it protects your most important plastic ID cards against bending and breaking.

With a sliding lid, you can easily access your ID cards.

Used mainly in the mines for several cards stored together.

The badge holder is very durable, lasting your cards more than 2 years.

You can attach a crocodile clip or a PVC badge strap to this cardholder both vertically and horizontally.

Badge holders increase the lifespan of your cards by up to two or more years.

Stolen or lost cards are costly to replace.

Therefore, having a cardholder prevents your company from wasting valuable time and money.

The convenience of a badge holder

Accessing your card when it is in your bag or wallet takes time and can be impossible to find when in a rush.

Therefore, with cardholders strung around your neck or on your shirt. You can speedily access your important cards.


Identity card holders are a great means of attaching your cards to different accessories.

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Detail: Specs:
Colour Clear and frosted lid
Material Polypropylene
No. of cards 3
Presentation Horizontal & Vertical