Green ID card holders

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    Introducing our Green ID card holders, the perfect solution for keeping your ID cards organized and secure. Made from high-quality materials, these card holders are durable and long-lasting, making them a great investment for anyone who needs to carry ID cards regularly. 

    The stylish lime green cardholder will make you stand out at corporate events and special occasions.

    Perfect for schools, universities, security companies, business events, meetings and access at mines.

    Made from sturdy plastic and compatible with our clips and lanyardsThe sturdy construction of the cardholder means that it will protect your card from damage due to bending or scratching, helping to extend the life of your card.

    With its stylish design and practical features, this Green ID card holder is a must-have for anyone who values organisation and security when it comes to their ID cards.


    Colour Green frosted
    Material Polypropylene
    No. of cards 1
    Display Vertical & Horizontal