Adhesive Cold Single Sided Overlays

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This credit card-sized clear overlay protects and seals the printed card image.

It is also a great option for applying a paper printed label or photograph to a plastic card.

Split back paper backing allows for easy operation.

Clear adhesive overlay

This clear adhesive overlay is a credit card size (54mm x 86mm).

It is a standard CR80 size for ID cards.

The clear overlay sticker protects and seals the printed card image.

Steps of your clear adhesive overlay

  1. Design your card on Word or card software. The design is of an ID card with a photo.

  2. Print your ID card on the inkjet printer - the size of a CR80 card

  3. Peel back the clear overlay sticker and place the printed photo inside.

  4. Place the clear overlay back over the photo ID to protect the important information from wear and tear.

  5. Laminate the overlay with your laminator machine.

  6. The card is now ready for everyday usage and is safely secured by our lanyards and cardholders.


  • Mainly used for ID cards.

  • Photo cards.


  • Made from 2 Mil (51mic) adhesive material.

  • Release tab for easy use.

  • Protects your cards graphics.

Unfortunately, this does not protect your card from tampering or illegal activity.


We can offer security products such as UV prints. By incorporating UV on cards you can increase the authenticity of your cards. It protects your cards from tampering and illegal duplication.

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