Entrust Sigma DS2 Dual Sided ID Card System

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The Entrust Sigma DS2 single and double-sided direct-to-card printer is an issuance system that’s specifically designed for today’s environments, giving you the ability to easily issue the most secure identities in the world.

The right card printer for your business

The ID card printer DS2 uses direct-to-card printing technology. Meaning that the print is burnt straight onto your card through heat and pressure for amazing quality.

The ID card printer DS2 is available in two versions:

  1. The simplex version (single-sided printing).

  2. The duplex version (two-sided printing). You can print your cards on both sides without having to flip the card over manually every time.

The user-friendly dashboard makes the printer easier to use.

It lets you see the printer status, update the firmware and contact technical support.

Additionally, all of these functions can be done from your mobile device.

Including security features of:

  1. Magnetic stripe encoding.

  2. Smart card encoding.

Also, the manufacturer of Entrust has developed additional security features to protect your cards from tampering.

As a result, the ID card printer DS2 printers can produce highly secure ID cards.

For example, it is now possible to print a personalized translucent watermark on your cards (Luster Ribbon List (PDF)). Counterfeiting is impossible with this special feature.

The DS2 is renowned for brilliant colours, great image quality and insane printing & pricing.

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Why sigma is the future


  • Consequently, Sigma is the most user-friendly ID card solution in the world. Making the experience of unboxing to creating ID cards a very simple step by step process.

  • You are able to see your printer status, order supplies, check cleaning status, update firmware, or contact help all from your mobile device.

  • Moreover, self-service lets you access how-to videos and other helpful resources by simply scanning QR codes on the LCD display.

  • Easy ability to switch ribbons.


  • The secure installation process protects the system from malware or virus on startup.

  • This is the safest technology because the information is encrypted. Information sent between mobile devices is safe.

  • As a result, your customer data is encrypted and is not stored in the printer after printing is complete.

  • Security features are added to cards to protect them from tampering and counterfeiting.


  • Customizable LED lighting, incorporating your brand colours onto your device.

  • Ability to issue a physical ID (cards) within minutes.

  • As a result, you can print anywhere, anytime with your mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows).

  • Add smart card capabilities, wi-fi connectivity, and more to expand your ID program.

  • Additionally, the printer is eco-friendly: Ribbon cores are made with a biodegradable material. The packaging is biodegradable, made from 100% recycled material, and printed with soy inks. Entrust is an ISO 14001 Certified company.

Therefore, we believe this new technology is good for you to look at.

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