How to choose the right ID card for your company

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How to choose the right ID card for your company

Corporate ID card

In challenging times, corporate ID cards are a must have and it does not matter how big or small your business is. Being in control of who enters and exits your building is very important. 

PVC cards are the best solution for producing ID cards because of their long-lasting material and flexibility.

You’ll find it easy to print all the texts, photographs, and graphics you need to keep your business secure.

We’ve even made it possible to add holographic imprints and watermarks to your cards. These features make sure that your ID badges are impossible to fake.

Not only does using PVC mean that your badges are harder to reproduce, but it also projects a professional image of your company. They’re quick to print with flawless accuracy, and you never have to worry about smudging or peeling cards.

To a visitor, this seamless experience makes an exceptional first impression. First impressions are everything, so a smooth printing experience for guests and employees alike can make a world of difference.

Best of all, it promises significant cost savings. Once you add a PVC ID card printer to your business, you’ll have a trusted identification system. Allowing your visitors and employees to feel safe in the working space. 

Additionally, cards reduce the need to touch surfaces. Therefore, ensuring that the spread of COVID-19 is limited. Making it a safe and hygienic working space for all. 

Are there different types of PVC cards?

Types of PVC cards

PVC cards can come in many different forms and colours. Allowing you to have a personalized ID card solution that your business needs. Including a basic photo ID card or a technology card.

CR80 (86mm X 54mm) is the general size of the card. This is a normal credit card size.

Based on your corporate colours, you can design the card however you feel fits your brand. Or if your inspiration is low and you do not have time, contact us to design your card with an additional charge. 

Basic photo ID card

Photo ID card

You can have a basic photo ID card that has the basic information about your employee or visitor.

This includes a photo, identification number, name, job description and phone number. But, this does not provide any security for your business.

Anyone can impersonate or steal this card and put your business, employees and clients at threat. 

However, they are great for day visitors because you will not use the same card again and they will be asked to hand in their badges at the end of the day. Therefore, ensuring that no one can re-use this card for criminal activity. 

Technology card

Access control

Security features can be embedded into your card to make your company more secure. These ID secure cards can control access to certain areas ensuring that unauthorized employees or people cannot access these areas without the correct card and identity. 

Also known as "clocking in cards", these cards can be used for time and attendance ensuring that your employees are where they are supposed to be at the right time. 

Your card can be used to make transactions in the cafeteria or gift store of your building, ensuring a safe closed-loop network is used. 

Depending on what your business requires will depend on which card is best for you. 

How can PVC cards be secured?

Technology cards

A PVC ID card can be secured by the ID card security technology that you want it to have.


Magstripe card

This is a simple to use secure technology card for your company. Employees and visitors require little or no training to use this card.

The magnetic stripe can hold important information like name and identification number. This information is sent to the reader in code and is read. If the code matches you are granted access. 

These cards are inexpensive and data can be altered if necessary.

Not many companies use this type of technology because of the limited amount of data that can be stored on the card and the easy ability to clone this card. Thieves can obtain the data on the card easily and replicate it. 

But, to make this a more secure card with two step authentication. Companies usually add an access pin where employees have to punch in the code and swipe their cards in order to be granted access to specific areas. 

Proximity card:

Proximity card

This is an affordable and widely used access control card. This card is still widely used because of its affordable price and ease of use in corporate businesses. 

The proximity card has an embedded antenna chip embedded in it. It is an access control card and has a frequency of 125KHz. Meaning that the card can be read over a long distance, without having to scan the card on top of the reader to grant access. 

This can be dangerous with card scammers. As they can easily read, write and clone your card. Therefore, granting access to criminals onto your businesses premises and putting your visitors and employees at risk. 

However, this can be prevented with special security features added to your card at an additional cost. 

The clamshell design ensures that your card lasts longer and is protected from bending and breaking. 

RFID card or tag:

RFID card

RFID cards are the most secure access control technology. Here you can make use of access cards or key tags. Key tags are much handier as employees can add them onto your car keys so that you do not forget them.

Why is RFID great for your company?

Firstly, it is a contactless application. Great for COVID-19 as you do not have to touch the reader.

Secondly, it encrypts your information. Meaning that you will not have to worry about criminals cloning your cards by reading and writing your card. All of your information stored on the card will be safe and secure. 

Thirdly, it has a 128-bit memory that stores information for 10 years. Much more than the proximity card. 

Lastly, it has effective communication with the reader. Meaning that you will be able to gain access to the business quickly and easily. 

Access cards keep your company safe and secure by knowing who is coming in and out. You can get this information easily by connecting this data to a database where you can monitor if any unauthorized people are entering your business. 

However, this is a more costly choice. But, it is worth the price for your companies security. 


Mifare DESfire EV2 card

The MiFare DESfire is the newest technology and is the best radio frequency chip out there in terms of securing your business.

All of your businesses information is securely stored on the card. You can add features like holograms, UV florescent inks and watermark logos so that genuine cards are easily and quickly identified. These features are difficult to replicate and often part of the design. Therefore, adding that extra layer of protection to your cards. 

This card has a higher level of security because of its advanced encryption. A greater memory of up to 25 years and a larger secure reading distance between the card and the reader.   

Therefore, depending on what kind of security you are looking for, will determine what you choose from the list above. 

Which PVC ID card security feature should I choose?

Visual Security

Identification card

This should always be the first line of defence provided by your PVC ID cards.

Maximizing the visual security capabilities of your PVC ID cards means going beyond a simple picture ID, which can be easily faked by anyone with basic printing technology, time, and a few household tools.

To get the most out of your PVC card security, we always recommend that your cards include holographic visual identification technology.

This makes it incredibly difficult to copy a PVC ID card or alter it in any way without someone easily noticing the difference. 

Therefore, adding an additional layer of security for your corporate ID.

Digital Security

Access control at work

The digital security features that a PVC card determines how people can access certain terminals, entryways, etc. within your organization.

Your best options in this regard are magnetic stripes, smart chips and RFID proximity communication capabilities. For example, proximity PVC cards are efficient, secure, and they can allow people access without even taking the card out of their bags.

Can my cards be recycled? 

Recycling PVC cards

Pollution and waste are huge issues in every company. It is something that South Africans' face daily when they look out of their car window and see the littered sidewalks. Only 6% of plastic is recycled in South Africa.

The rest of the plastic ends up at landfill locations where it can end up in rivers (due to wind, littering, improper waste management, overflowing landfills) and eventually end up in the ocean.

Plastic is the biggest polluter in the world. And we have realized that we are one of the companies that add to this issue. 

That is why we have addressed this issue.

For those organizations that wish to be as green as possible, you can obtain PVC card paper made of recycled materials.

But over-time, these cards will not last long and will tear or break. Additionally, you cannot add any security features to them and they will not secure your premises as well as PVC cards would. 


Recycling access cards

We recycle 180 000 access cards every year. And your company can benefit from this. 

Your company will need to print an employee card once a new employee is hired. But, the access card will stay the same.

By just adding a sticky tamper-proof void to your employee card and access card. You can re-use the same access card at least 100 times over.

In our factory, once you are done with your cards and you need new employee cards, you will send the cards back to us. We will remove the sticky void and give you the access card back again. 

As you know, access cards are very expensive. Whereas, a basic photo ID card costs near to nothing. Especially when you have access to your ID card printer

Thus, this process saves your business an enormous amount of costs and helps reduce unnecessary waste. 

Every bit helps to save the environment and we are proud of this process to make a small impact. We take the going GREEN initiative very seriously and so should you :).  

Can a standard inkjet or laser printer be used for printing on PVC cards?

Sigma card printers

A PVC ID card is not compatible with standard printing solutions. If you tried this, you may have ended up damaging both the printer and your PVC ID card!

The best way to print on a PVC card is to use a specialized PVC ID card printer. Like standard printers, PVC ID card printers come with a variety of capabilities.

For example, if you only need basic one-sided PVC ID cards printed for a handful of employees, you can opt for a less expensive ID card printer that only has basic features and a moderate printing speed. The DS1 Entrust PVC card printer is the best one available for your needs. 

If, on the other hand, you need full-colour ID cards with graphics on both sides, and you need a large volume of ID cards, then we recommend that you use a higher-end dual-sided DS2 Entrust PVC ID card printer.

Assess your needs. Ask yourself questions like do you need to print a lot of cards throughout the month? Do you need additional security features? Do you want to print on one side of the card or both? 

Based on your printing needs we will be able to supply your company the best printer that answers all of your questions. 

Strengthen Your Security with a PVC ID Printer

Technology card with chip and antenna

PVC cards are more than just a kind of plastic; they’re a dependable way to secure your business. 

PVC cards represent your company and those who wear it will be proud to be a part. 


Choosing the best ID card for your company

As a business owner, considering PVC ID cards for your company can be a first step to a world of opportunities

Making a decision that you feel comfortable with and that is best for your company is a hard one. That is why we are here to help you through the process.

If you’re ready to put your security on plastic or you’d simply like to learn more about the benefits of PVC ID cards, get in touch with us today or buy online. One of our helpful representatives can answer any questions we didn’t answer in our FAQ above.

If you’re ready to put your security on plastic or you’d simply like to learn more about the benefits of PVC ID cards, get in touch with us today or buy online. One of our helpful representatives can answer any questions we didn’t answer in our FAQ above.

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