HID ISO Prox II Cards

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    The HID ISO Prox II Card is a reliable and secure solution for access control systems. These cards are designed with a durable PVC that makes them ideal for everyday use. They have a standard ISO credit card size and shape, making them easy to carry in a wallet or cardholder.

    These cards use proximity technology to allow for quick and convenient access to secured areas. They have a read range of up to 5 inches, which means users don't need to make physical contact with the reader to gain access. This feature enhances user convenience while ensuring the security of the access control system. Prox cards are a cost-effective & secure solution for smart cards. 

    The HID ISO Prox II Card is compatible with a wide range of HID access control systems, allowing you to use these cards in your current systems. These cards have a unique 26-bit Wiegand format that ensures compatibility with most access control systems. They are also programmed with a unique facility code and card number, making them highly secure and virtually impossible to duplicate.

    These long-lasting and durable cards are great for employee IDs, staff ID cards, security passes, and more.

    Whether you are managing a small business or a large corporation, these cards are an excellent choice for managing access to your facilities.


    Technology Read & write
    Frequency 125 kHz
    Bits 85
    Security features
    • UV
    • Custom logo