Hitag2 RFID Cards

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This is a low-frequency card of 125KHz.

It stores all your valuable business information safely and securely on one card.

Great for parking access, access cards and hotel key cards.

RFID access card

The RFID access card is a high-security solution from HID.

It goes beyond the normal smart card. Because there is multi-layered security embedded in the technology.

Making this access card the most secure for your businesses information.

Features of access card

  • Sold separately

  • Secure read/write function protected by a password

  • Operate at 125 kHz frequency

  • 256-bit memory

  • 48-bit secret key

Therefore, this includes:

  • Diversification.

  • Authentication.

  • Encryption.

What are they used for?

  • Hotel key cards

  • Access control

  • Parking

Additionally, applications

  • Logistics

  • Livestock tracking

  • Asset tracking

  • Gas cylinder ID

  • Casino – gambling

  • Industrial automation

As a result, benefits of the access card

Firstly, it is a contactless application. Great for COVID-19 as you do not have to touch the reader.

Secondly, it encrypts your information.

Thirdly, it has a 128-bit memory that stores information for 10 years.

Lastly, it has effective communication with the reader.

Access cards keep your company safe and secure by knowing who is coming in and out.

You are able to get this information easily by connecting this data to a database.

Therefore, you will be able to detect a criminal because they will not have an access card.


We pre-print RFID cards in our factory.

We print the card design.


  • Photo ID

  • Security features

  • Variable data.

This is printed onto thin sheets of plastic.

These are then placed onto a core sheet of plastic.

This core sheet already contains the embedded microchips and antennae for RFID in position.

Another layer of clear PVC is applied over the printing layer for extra protection.

The 5 layers are then laminated into a solid sheet and the cards are punched from this sheet.

The result:

  • True edge to edge printing

  • High quality & durability

For more information, please contact us.