How we recycle 180 000 access cards each year

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How we recycle 180 000 access cards each year

How we recycle 180 000 access cards each year


By now you have probably come across a news article, a Facebook post, Instagram pic or twitter tweet, which sheds some light on the current state of our Oceans. The facts, figures and pictures displayed are overwhelming and so depressing, we often find ourselves wondering if we are too late to make a change. Almost everything we touch at the supermarket or buy online, comes clothed in a combination of plastic and cardboard. This makes organizing refuse into the correct recyclable bins a challenge and a futile exercise when refuse removal services throw it all into the back of the truck. South Africa only recycle 43% of their plastic. On a global scale, 260 million tons of plastic are produced each year and about 10% ends up in the ocean. It goes without saying, something needs to be done. 

There are 3 strategies currently being used to curve our plastic use. We can replace plastic packaging with environmentally friendly substances that are biodegradable. We can replace plastic packaging with reusable materials, such as glass and fabric. Or we could educate people about plastic pollution to influence their behaviour. Of the three strategies listed, the second has proven to be the most effective. This is because creating biodegradable packaging takes time grow and manufacture, it therefore costs more money. 

In 2003 Easi-card was the first company in the South Africa to recycle access cards. By inventing and patenting our design, not only were we able to contribute towards saving our environment but we saved our clients millions of Rands. To give you a perspective, one of our clients order 180 000 recyclable access cards every year. At a price of R140 an access card our client is saving themselves R25 200 000 a year and the environment of 900kg of PVC plastic. 

So how does our brilliant patented recyclable card work you ask?

Take a look at this quick video we created below!


Our patented product uses a tamper proof sticky solution which is applied to the back of your access card and identification card. This allows you to use the original access card multiple times over the lifetime of its use, pure genius!

For example, if an employee leaves the system, simply deactivate their access card. Then assign the same access card to a new employee filling in their position and apply our patented tamper proof void foil on the back of the access card and the new employees PVC ID card. Stick them together.
Volla! you have just issued a recyclable card in no time and at a fraction of the cost. 
Currently, Easi-card are looking at new ways to contribute towards the global recycling movement. We have formed a new partnership with mpact South Africa who willingly accept our used PVC cards for recycling. The money we receive from mpact is then donated to charity, giving back to many important social causes in South Africa. Have a look at our van dropping off the used PVC cards below.
 mpact and Easi-card Recycle PVC CardsEasi-card recycle PVC cards with mpact South Africa
If you would like to find out more about our recycled access cards please feel free to contact us or click the link below to receive a free quote!

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