Why your mine is losing valuable money

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Why your mine is losing valuable money

Why your mine is losing valuable money 

Mining in South Africa

At the start of the 4 am shift, miners scan their access cards. They squeeze themselves through tiny turnstiles designed to prevent thieves from slipping through. Piling into cages that descend 3km underground. 

Flattened against the hard earth on each side of the narrow tunnel, they make it to their designated posts where they will blast rock all day and extract valuable resources. 

Deep in the bedrock, the air feels hot and humid as a tropical jungle. They will work consistently for the next 9 hours before they go home and do it all over again the next day. 

Every day engineers, workers and professionals risk their lives by going underground to extract special resources from the ground. Making mining one of the largest high-risk industries in the world.

Mining is one of the longest standing sectors in SA. Having one of the world’s richest reserves of precious minerals and metals creates an array of economical benefits. 

So if mining is so prosperous, why is your mine losing money?


Mining faces huge security and safety threats. 

Mines are at risk of:

    1. Theft - Mainly people on-site operate alone or with criminals accessing the mine from outside due to poor security. 

    1. Criminal activity - Community members may feel neglected if not included in mining operations and may protest. 

    1. Illegal mining - Known as the “Zama Zamas” (taking chances) slip down mines unnoticed, stealing precious minerals and coercing communities to cooperate with them.

  1. Natural disasters (collapsing mines, fires, acid drainage and leaks of poisonous gases). Pressure from billions of tons of overlying rocks results in tremors from extraction, putting workers in grave danger. 

Who needs protection? 

  • The mining staff
  • Mining equipment
  • Minerals being extracted

This disaster reduces the mine’s profits and efficiencies. The mine is unable to deliver in time as operations are closed, creating increased costs. 

What can we do to solve this?

Illegal mining in South Africa

Verifying all employees who work at the mines is the first step to increasing a secure working space. Access control is an important aspect that controls who enters and exits the mine. 

Access control can act as the eyes, ears and evidence collectors to protect the mines. Restricting criminal activity and making it easier to identify suspects, working towards securing our mines across SA. 

Clocking in time and attendance allows for managers to keep track of their employees. Access shall only be granted to those who have passed the safety, medical, training and background checks which is all available on the card information.

All cameras need to be seal proof and airtight preventing dust or water from entering and damaging them.

Why are plastic ID card holders a good investment for your mine?

Plastic ID card holders also known as card caddies are great solutions for keeping your access card safe and secure. These are mainly used in mines to store your access cards together (you may store 3). 

Access may be granted by the reader by presenting your access card. This can easily be worn around your neck with a lanyard or on your shirt with a clip. 

The ease of accessibility frees up hand space and reduces touching surfaces, limiting the spread of COVID-19.

This ensures that your employees will not lose their personal access card and ensures safety as each card is unique to the employee. 

The plastic structure is lightweight and durable with a clear sliding lid that aids in the protection of your cards and increases visibility for the reader. 

Why is security important?

Trains in mine

Security programs ensure a safe working environment leading to more efficient and profitable mines. They limit damage and loss, enabling mines to grow without interruptions. 

Access control, surveillance, sensors and RFID with management software and regulations ensure worker safety. 

Workers can be tracked and traced if an accident or disaster occurs by access control, RFID & video surveillance.

The use of video surveillance underground helps to monitor safety & security by monitoring rock falls or accidents as they happen. Surveillance speeds up rescue and search time and hinders the activity of Zama Zamas. 


Access control is necessary for a safe working environment, allowing mines to be more profitable, efficient and get the necessary work done. 

Access control enables us to work towards securing our mines all across South Africa. 

At Easi-Card we strive to provide simple solutions for our customers that protect people and businesses. To find out more about access cards and card caddies visit our card holder section by clicking here https://www.easi-card.co.za/collections/id-card-holders


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