What Entrust Datacard's new name change means to you

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What Entrust Datacard's new name change means to you

What Entrust Datacard's new name change means to you

Entrusts big reveal
It's not uncommon to hear global companies changing their names.

As the environment changes rapidly, so does the pressure to provide solutions to new and complex problems.
Often, the quest for new, results in change, like a company's vision and mission, or at least an updated and improved one.
But, sadly, this is not the only reason why a company may change its name. They also can change them to hide or burry their former identity. To get rid of problems rather than to solve new ones.
In South Africa, recently, the latter has been the case. With many corruption scandals being brought to the publics awareness, Auditing & Management Consulting firms have been busy with expensive makeovers.
So why am I telling you this?
Well, with Entrust Datacard's big reveal in September, I thought I would start off by assuring you that it has everything to do with solving new problems and nothing to do with hiding them!
Entrust Datacard is now Entrust ????????
What does this mean to you?
If you are a dealer of Entrust Datacard's current product range, you will be excited to know there's a whole lot more to add to your arsenal.
Or if you aren't, don't worry we will be supplying them to you soon!
And I'm not just talking about ID desktop card printers, but a whole new range of Identity, Payment and Data protection solutions. Products that look to solve growing security problems the world is currently facing!
" While this change may seem straightforward, it’s so much more than a shortening of our name. It’s an evolution. A shift in mindset. A powerful moment in our company history. " - CEO of Entrust | Todd Wilkinson

Big city

What kind of security problems are Entrust at the forefront of?\
Let's dive in:
  • Immigration Control for Governments
  • Payment credential security for large banks
  • Access control for Government Agencies
  • Securing enterprise remote workforce data
You can now see that Entrust is positioning themselves as a leader in developing the core technologies needed to keep the world moving safely.
Where does this tie into the current COVID19 pandemic and the future?
A quote from Todd Wilkinson sums it up nicely for us:

"The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how critical digital transformation is in our daily lives, As consumers, we depend on digital technologies and security to do more than ever, whether it's making purchases, crossing borders, accessing government services or logging into corporate networks.

We are proud that some of the world's largest governments, organizations and enterprises trust us to keep citizens, commerce and information moving safely. Making Entrust the foundation of our brand reflects how our technology and innovation are central to securing this ever-evolving world"
At Easi-card we stand behind the vision and mission of Entrust.
Aligning our vision and mission "to help protect businesses and their people, by reducing the barriers to security, be it cost, knowledge or advice".

If you would like to connect with us and are interested in Entrusts new product range, please feel free to drop us an email by clicking this link.

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