Variable data printing for your plastic cards

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Variable data printing for your plastic cards

Variable data printing on ID cards

Variable data printing is a form of digital printing on demand.

Printing multiple cards with different texts, graphics and images from one card printer.

You can print multiple cards with different names, texts, IDs and images without stopping your card printer to change the artwork.

You can use VDP (Variable data printing) to print:

  • Business cards
  • Membership cards
  • Gift cards
  • Loyalty cards

As a result, you are no longer limited to one design.

Therefore, allowing you to be creative and personalize all of your important information.

What are the benefits of variable data printing?


Personalization of cards

Instead of creating the same card for every employee or customer, you can personalize it.


  • Company name
  • Name of user
  • Photo ID image
  • Identification number
  • Text
  • Contact information
  • Background image
  • QR code or barcodes

This unique information on each card gives your employees and customers a more personalized experience.

Therefore, creating a sense of belonging and purpose to the organization. Increasing the value of their presence in the business.

Saves time

Time and frustration saving with VDP

VDP does all the work for you. Meaning that you do not have to manually input the information about the user on the card every time you print a new one.

Using old technology, you would have to issue new artwork every time a new member came on board. This took time by manually inputting the information.

Therefore, every employee or customer got the same card with no personalization.

But now, with new software and technology. You are able to automatically fill in different users using the same artwork.

Therefore, saving you time and enhancing your user's experience.

Saves money

Saving money and time

VDP helps save your business money. Eliminating waste and duplicate prints. Printing the exact amount of cards that you need.

You do not need to pay someone to design your artwork and complete your database. It is done for you with software.

We charge R450.00 for artwork design if you find VDP too complicated. Taking the stress out of your life.

Therefore, eliminating the frustration when it comes to mass printing.

Generates data

Generating customer data

VDP captures important information about your audience.

Including analytics:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Location

Done with the POPI Act, you can find valuable information about current and potential clients.

Therefore, enabling you to better communicate and understand your customers wants and needs more effectively.

How can you use VDP in your business?

VDP increases the personalization of your cards. Giving your customers and employees a sense of importance and belonging. Therefore making it more engaging and saving you time and money.

Membership cards

Membership cards

A membership card is a symbol and indication that you belong to a club.

Using VDP you can personalize each member:

  • Membership number
  • Company logo
  • Name
  • Image
  • Additional information

This unique identification makes your member feel a part of the club or event. Setting your members aside from others. Therefore, creating a sense of belonging and purpose.

Gathering member information helps you better understand your market and its members. Therefore, engaging your members and finding more about them. As a result, ensuring that they are more loyal to your business.

Loyalty cards

Loyalty card

A personalized loyalty card will make customers feel a part of your business.

As a result, creating a connection with every one of your customers through unique:

  • Barcodes
  • ID numbers
  • Texts
  • Name

Creating a long-lasting impression and personalized touch.

This way, it firmly establishes your brand's presence in the minds and wallets of your customers.

Therefore, increasing loyalty and brand awareness of your company.

As a result, your customers will tell others about your brand. Doing the marketing for you.

Gift cards

Gift cards

Gift cards can feel impersonal and thoughtless when you are buying a gift for a special occasion.


  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Engagements
  • Baby showers
  • House warming gifts
  • Thank you's

By using VDP, you can add personalized information to the card.

Including unique:

  • Name
  • Message
  • Gift code
  • Recipients information

This creates the difference between a last-minute card and a thoughtful gift.

As a result, this enhances your customer's experience. Your customer would have done the work for you. Introducing new customers to how personalization made them feel.

Therefore, attracting new customers to your business through word of mouth.

Business cards

Business cards

You are able to print multiple business cards with varying information on them.


  • Employee's ID number
  • Photo ID
  • Details
  • Barcodes

This creates a personalized experience for your employees. Creating a sense of belonging and purpose towards your company.

Showing your employees that you care about them. This could boost the productivity of your employees as they have a sense of belonging and acceptance.

As a result, this will boost your employee's confidence and appreciation of your company.

How VDP works

VDP data information

You are able to mass-produce cards with variable data on them.

We use Affinity publisher to design our artwork and implement our database with VDP. This is a much cheaper alternative than Adobe Indesign.

We understand that variable data can be hard to implement. Therefore, we provide an alternative called Inkscape. This is a free software artwork designer. You can design your artwork here and send it to us as an SVG. Including your database in a CSV format. We will do the VDP for you.

If you do not want to do VDP at all. We provide an artwork designer at R450.00 per design. Therefore, ensuring the design and formatted VDP is correct.

What to do?

Firstly, you will need to create a spreadsheet on google sheets. Including all the variable information necessary to personalize your price.

The columns should describe the categories.


  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. ID or employee number
  4. Date
  5. Unique QR or barcode
  6. Image jpg or png (choose one)

The rows must include unique information about each person.

All images must be created and saved in the same size format as a jpg or png.

Secondly, you design your artwork. Either on Inkscape (the free version) or on Affinity (paid).

Thirdly, you can create your own VDP on Affinity. Here you will export your database onto Affinity where the artwork is designed.

Lastly, send it through as a pdf for us to print.


Therefore, VDP saves you time, money and gives your customers a personalized experience.

For more information on personalized membership, loyalty, gift and business cards. Contact us.

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