Five benefits of name badge magnets

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Five benefits of name badge magnets

Restaurants, hotels, retail businesses, companies and other industries use name badge magnets. They let customers know who is working in the business and is part of the team they can trust. Unlike a uniform, a professional name tag identifies the person and is helpful for security reasons.

Almost every industry could benefit from giving their employees name badges to wear. It makes it possible for both clients and fellow staff members to form a better connection with the individual, making for better relationships, communication, and business.

Easi-card prints name badges on ABS plastic attached with a magnet on the back. The standard name badge size is 60mm x 20mm, although custom shapes and sizes are possible, considering that the magnet attachment is a fixed size.

Choose from white, brushed gold or brushed silver, with the option of having the name badge domed for a sleek finish. Doming creates a rounded effect that draws your eyes to the badge.

Leave a lasting impression with elegant name badges that convey professionalism and amplify your brand in the hearts and minds of customers and employees.

Now, let’s get to it.

Helps your customers find your staff easily

Employee with name badge

Name badge magnets can connect your customer and their employee because it is personable and more approachable. Something as simple as knowing your name reassures customers that they at least know one piece of information about you. Therefore it is easier to ask for help.

There’s nothing worse than going to a store and not knowing who works there. Even worse than that is asking a stranger if they work there, and they don’t. Leaving you standing there awkwardly, wishing you hadn’t opened your mouth.

Having a name badge on employees makes it easy for customers to pinpoint who they spoke to, especially if they need to follow up on a deal. Employees can get feedback on their service, making it easy for the company to keep track of employees’ performance.

Your customers will have a name for those who helped them, which may be why they come back to visit.

Boosts confidence and accountability

Confident sales person with badge

A name badge makes your employees feel like they belong to your company. When employees receive a badge with their name and position, they feel pride and commitment to their company. Employees will work towards the same goals as the company. Feeling that they are part of something bigger motivates them to contribute to reaching those goals. Helping your company soar. Yes, we know; how can a tiny little badge make such an impact? Well, it really can.

It’s frustrating when your customers complain about bad service from your employees, but what’s more frustrating is if you can’t identify the employee causing all the issues. Giving them a name makes them more aware of how to act and treat customers.

When employees know they can be identified, it creates a sense of accountability that makes them more conscious of their actions. If an employee is ever unprofessional, their name will be out there for everyone to see, ruining their reputation.

Name badges are excellent for ensuring that your employees are professional and upstanding toward your customers.

It’s affordable

Domed name badge from Outsurance

Name badge magnets are one of the most affordable badges on the market. Their sleek design and magnetic solid material ensure that these badges will not easily fall off your clothes or damage them. What’s best about it is that you do not have to buy your employees a whole new uniform; they are already a part of the company by putting these name badges on.

Instead of buying a card, cardholder and lanyard for your company, you can buy a magnetic name badge without the hassle.

Name badge magnets to help your employees stand out from the crowd and look very professional.

Creates a professional look & increases security

Domed name badge at Easi-card

When your employee puts a name badge magnet on their uniform, they’re automatically more professional. They look professional, and they become more accountable.

Having name badges lets you identify who you work with and who belongs in your workplace, especially for large companies where it's impossible to know everyone. Name badges make sure that people are who they say they are without the need for uniforms or an ID card.

It would be ideal to have your employees have a name badge and ID card for extra security purposes, ensuring that no criminals enter the business without being checked. An additional layer of security with access control will be necessary for big companies like hotels, restaurants and corporates where there is a lot of foot traffic.

Builds company recognition

Larger magnetic name badge

Name badge magnets will have your company logo and your employee's name, creating a walking advertisement for your company.

Your employee simply wearing their name badges going to and from work, or even just while grabbing lunch, helps promote your company continuously.

There is no need to spend money on those expensive google ads when you have a solution like this, am I right?

No, but seriously, please don’t stop your google ads now.

We have three different colours you can choose from that are all different. The brushed silver colour is the most popular option because it is the easiest to work with and prettiest. The ABS plastic coating gives it a domed look that is eye-catching and different from anything else.

At Easi-card, we provide affordable name badge magnets when you buy in bulk, and we are one of the most competitive sellers on the market.

To sum up

Name badge for Justin Johnstone

Name badge magnets are an excellent accessory for your company and employees, providing a professional and essential way to get your brand there. Although these badges may be tiny, they are great marketing tools and will help your brand go a long way.

For more information, please feel free to contact us or request a free quote, and one of our sales reps will be happy to help. Thank you for choosing us!

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