Are Card Holders Really Necessary?

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Are Card Holders Really Necessary?

Are Card Holders Really Necessary?

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With so many enticing ads on google, social media and YouTube, that follow you around wherever you go, its easy to fall victim to buying something you don't need. 

Like a limited edition sock, or a non-alcoholic beer brewed in some cold country with evergreen trees. 

For us, in the card industry, its Card Holders. The question I often hear is: "Are card holders really necessary?" "Why should I buy them?" "Isn't that what my wallet is for?".

For some time, to be honest, I haven't really answered it in depth, only giving surface level explanations like, "it protects your cards" or "it saves you money in the long run" without knowing by how much exactly.

So that's what this blog post is all about, giving you the real reason why they are necessary and by how much they can impact your business. Prepare to be shocked.

How long do card holders protect your cards for?

There are many types of card holders on the market, frosted or clear to begin with and then there are a number of different types based on function:

  • Luggage card holders with a suitcase handle 
  • A card holder with 2 handles
  • Card Caddies 
  • Conference Card Holders
  • Twinprox Card Holders 
  • Luggage Card Holders with a Suitcase Handle
  • Keyring Card Holders for Drivers License

If you take the basic most common card holder, the luggage’s card holders with a suitcase handle - on average - if you left it to degrade the plastic itself would take 1000 years!

If Henry II had bought a card holder and for some reason left it in his chamber of treasure and we found it today, it would still be in one piece. 

But what if Henry used it? How long would it last then? 

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