5 ways NFC will benefit your customers

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5 ways NFC will benefit your customers

NFC (Near Field Communication) is not just another acronym. It is something that you as a merchant need to understand to help your business grow!

It is technology that allows your business to do contactless payments with just a tap of a card.  

The pandemic accelerated the growth of NFC over these past few years. Cash was no longer safe to carry around. People did not want to touch cash and found it more convenient to pay via card. 

Not only are cards more hygienic (preventing the spread) but are a safer alternative to crime and theft. 

NFC cards are on the rise and will continue to do so until smartphones take over. Here’s why. 

What exactly is NFC, you ask? 

NFC point of sales

Many of you are already using it without even realizing it. NFC makes tap-and-go services possible. 

Meaning that the device is contactless. Cards can be used at a short-range to connect to a wireless connection (at a distance of 4cm). 

The connection allows you to make fast and secure payments with just one tap. Sharing only a small amount of data.

We are talking about active NFC. This is where your NFC card/tag can send & receive data and communicate with both active and passive devices. 

The NFC reader works both with a tag and a card. 

What's the difference between active and passive?

NFC passive and active

Passive NFC: can only send information/data to a passive device. 

Active NFC: can send and receive information/data to another active/passive device. 

It is the new wallet everyone is talking about and it saves you from carrying around lots of cash or credit cards.

NFC wristband, key fob and tag

NFC products can be key fobs, wristbands, labels, hanging tags, durable tags. There are plenty of unexplored possibilities awaiting your company. 

Here’s for the curious cats:

How Does NFC Work?

NFC RFID technology

Remember when you used your old cell phone to transfer files to another phone? It took ages to transfer just one file! Often leaving you frustrated, not even getting the file in the end. 

Then Bluetooth changed the game. Ahh, the speed! The convenience! The number of songs you could share with friends in just one short lunch break!

But now NFC is here to take over. Move aside, Bluetooth!

Here’s the deal: Just like its old pal Bluetooth, NFC uses radio waves… The standard for wireless data transitions.

The NFC technology uses RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology that transfers data and information. For a connection to happen, you’d need one active NFC enabled card and a reader.

It’s pretty cool how our smart devices can continually communicate using a technology field!

But let’s see if NFC is perfect or if there are still some flaws to work out.

Benefits of NFC

1. Preventing the spread of COVID-19

NFC preventing spread of covid-19

The increased need to prevent the spread of the pandemic has caused many more people to flock towards contactless payment cards. 

The idea of handling cash during this time is very unappealing. Studies have shown that covid-19 remains on banknotes and coins for weeks. Causing the virus to spread everywhere. Ultimately causing people to choose contactless cards instead. 

The pandemic has led to a big push towards contactless cards, making transactions more secure and a fast alternative to cash. 

A simple tap has no need to touch surfaces, allowing users to quickly buy products without the need for infection.

2. Convenience

NFC convenience

The convenience to pay for your items with one tap is a much quicker solution than we have ever had before. Reducing any unnecessary lines in shopping malls and events and making your life easier. 

Creating faster and more efficient ways to get through the checkout line is a huge goal for any company. NFC card readers offer this service to customers. Meaning that you can reach more customers faster and convert sales easily.

3. Secure 

Secure NFC with skimsafe

NFC is comparably safe to other existing point of sales equipment and is on par with EMV chips.

No one has access to your card's information. As it is secured with encryption on your card. Preventing anyone from cloning your card and using it illegally. 

If you are worried about your card being insecure, we supply skimsafe technology that is an extra layer of protection. Essentially it is an RFID blocking mechanism. Preventing your card from being counterfeited. 

And if your device is stolen, your PIN and password are still protected. They will only be able to access your card if your pin and password are known. 

You can also set a limit on your card. Therefore, only allowing a certain amount of money to be accessed when you tap and go. That way you can have peace of mind if your card ever gets stolen. 

What about merchants? Are we safe from hackers?

Thankfully, hackers cannot easily access terminal information even if they manage to hack them. The encryption and two-factor authentication blocks hackers from gaining your personal information and data. 

4. Versatile 

Versatility of NFC

The versatility of NFC is endless. The technology is used in everything from clothing tags in retail shops to access control such as identification cards used by employers.

NFC can be used for a range of everyday activities. For example, NFC is widely used for e-ticketing at concerts and sporting events, or for catching public transport. 

It also has a quick user experience, making it convenient and easy to use by anyone. 

5. Durability

Durability of NFC cards

Because you are no longer inserting your card into a card machine and rather tapping it. The card will last much longer. Contactless payments reduce the wear and tear on your card. 

Negatives of NFC 

1. Unsecure 

Cloning NFC cards

While NFC transactions are more secure than regular credit card payments, this technology is not completely risk-free. 

Cloning criminals have access to cloning devices (from Takealot). Gaining access to personal data stored on your cards. 

2. Limited range

Secure NFC skimsafe card

This RFID technology hates long-distance relationships (pun intended). If the card and reader are not very close to one another (more than 4cm), there will be no connection. 

However, this may not be such a bad thing when it comes to cloned cards. It will be much more difficult for a criminal to copy your card's information and will become much more noticeable. You’re sure to notice if anyone gets uncomfortably close to you.

However, the holiday season is coming up and this is where a lot of crime happens and where people’s cards can easily get cloned or stolen. 

The best thing you can do is to keep your cards/tags physically protected by skimsafe (RFID blocking material). This will make sure that if you bump next to someone in a crowded place with a cloning device, they will not be able to read your card/tag because of the RFID blocking material. 

These are inexpensive ways to protect our cards against skimming.

3. Pricey

Pricey NFC cards

The NFC technology is relatively new to the market and maybe quite pricey. Cards are a cheaper solution with embedded technology but this may be costly for your company. 

The cost of installing the hardware and software and hiring technicians to maintain it can quickly become pricey.

Okay. But does NFC have any more tricks up its sleeve? Let’s see…

The recyclable NFC card

Recyclable wooden NFC cards

This wooden NFC card is completely biodegradable and combustible, with the core and coat (top part) harvested from renewable forests (trees are replanted every time a tree is taken down). 

Our sustainable wooden cards are perfectly eco-friendly for your business. 

Wooden cards also come with added durability. We've all been there where we've taken our card out and shoved it into our pockets when we were in a rush on the way to work... only to bring it out later bent and crumpled. Giving a huge wave of frustration, knowing that you will have to go to the bank or security officer to issue a new card. 

With the durable NFC wooden card, you do not have to worry about your card bending or breaking. The card is more than capable of retaining its original shape even if it is shoved into your pocket, wallet or purse by mistake.

There's also the added sense of individuality. Distinguishing your business from the rest. Wooden NFC cards are a good way to show that your business is both unique and stable, as well as environmentally responsible.

Therefore, giving your customers and employees a lasting impression of your business. 

Another advantage of choosing wooden NFC cards is the affordability of the material. These cards offer great value for money, especially when you purchase them in bulk. Despite their affordability, the cards create an expensive and classy feel, reinforcing the idea that your brand is of quality and supportive of the environment. 

These cards create a perfect finish and make your company stand out from the rest. They can be used for multiple activities. 

Although the card is a bit big to be slotted into a skimsafe cardholder, we have alternative RFID blocking mechanisms available. Just contact us for more. 

What is the future of NFC?

Future of NFC cards

NFC is certainly here to stay. It is intuitive and easy to use.

Be it at an event, at work, the retail store, the supermarket, the movie theatre or the gym. The technology is just a tap away. Allowing our lives to get easier in new ways with everyday use. 

It is expected to only get better from now on and that is why your company should come aboard and explore this new technology. It will make your employees' and customers' lives much more convenient and easier. 

Whether you work at a large corporation, run a small business, or fund a non-profit organization, NFC technology has several benefits that can help your company with a payment platform. This can increase the overall customer satisfaction of your company and help grow your business. 

As the technology grows, more merchants will find themselves moving toward NFC technology for completing their transactions. Allowing you to be one step ahead of the competition. 

We believe that consumers will demand recyclable products and merchants will move towards recyclable NFC cards. 

Are you still wondering if you need NFC? 

Then the answer is probably yes. For many merchants, adding NFC-enabled payment readers and terminals ensures that you don’t need to upgrade your equipment again any time soon. Saving you time and money.

While it’s inevitable that, eventually, smartphones will take over as the new payment technology which will be more secure and convenient. But for now, there is nothing else quite like NFC cards. If you would like some more information on our cards. Please contact us. 

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