4 ultimate business card designs that will get you noticed

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4 ultimate business card designs that will get you noticed

What is a unique business card design?

Business card design

A unique business card design is a rectangular, printed card. It is a credit card size also known as a standard CR80 card. The design is the way the card is presented and how it looks. This is important for attracting new customers.

The card holds important information such as:

  • Company name
  • Your name
  • Contact details (email, phone number)
  • Brand logo
  • Image of yourself
  • Tagline
  • Website

These cards are usually shared during:

  1. Meetings
  2. Events
  3. Parties
  4. Trade shows

These cards are shared at both formal and casual events.

Even in the digital age, people still use business cards as a way to represent themselves. Therefore, providing an increased level of professionalism

These are very effective marketing tools and great referrals for potential customers.

The back of the business card is usually left blank. But you can include your services or products to it for more information about your company and what you do. Therefore, helping people understand a little bit more about you.

Benefits of business card design

Benefits of unique business card design

Effective marketing tool

Brand awareness

Business cards are given to your customers. Similar to giving them a gift, they are less likely to be thrown away.

Good business cards will be kept by your customers in their wallets or purses. Reminding them every time they open up their belongings.

Eye-catching business cards are likely to be shared. Promoting awareness about your brand and helping you stand out from the crowd.

Therefore, it is important that you put a lot of effort into designing your cards.

Personal touch


Business cards are much more personal than email or online marketing

Engaging in eye contact and conversation has a much greater impact than any online application would.

Therefore, creating a long-lasting relationship and impression.

As a result, you are able to capture many more serious customers than you would ever before. People are able to add a name to a face.

Therefore, making it a much more personal experience.


Handshake and exchange of business cards

Business cards show that you are prepared and serious about your business.

This shows that you have taken the time and effort out to represent your brand in a neat card of your own.

Business cards create a good first impression of you and your business. Therefore, establishing the credibility of your company.

Business cards are greater value for money. You can produce really attractive cards at a reasonable price.

Who needs business cards?

Question mark

There is a lot to gain by having a business card.

When would you need it?

Firstly, if you have a business and would like to expand your network or persona brand.

Secondly, If you are a freelancer and are looking for potential customers.

Thirdly, if you're looking to beat the competition and stand out.

Lastly, if you want to impress your customers and have a more personal experience with them.

A unique business card design can make a big difference.

Unique business card designs

1. UV spot varnish

UV spot varnish business card

UV spot varnish is a glossy, raised finish to your card. This is applied to specific areas of your card giving it a unique flare.

Design enhancements

The UV coating enhances your design because it reflects light and makes the colours and patterns on your cards appear more rich and vibrant.

The raised and glossy finish has a unique feel and touch that is smooth and silky in the hand. Blowing your customers away with quality and professionalism.

Protection and durability

UV coating is made of compounds that harden into a protective layer that prevents peeling, breaking or tearing. The protective layer also prevents any dirt, dust or grease from damaging your cards. Therefore, increasing the life of your card.

As a result, leaving a long-lasting impression on your customers.

Brand and image

This card means business. The card demonstrates how bold your company is to go for this design. It speaks volumes about what type of person you are and what company you represent.

Areas coated with the spot UV finish are instantly noticeable. Helping your business stand out from the rest.

2. Metallic print

Metallic printed business card design

Metallic ink adds a bit of sparkle to your cards. These are usually produced in gold or silver, but you can produce them in any colour you like.

Design enhancements

The metallic ink glimmers in the light. Making the colours and patterns glitter and shimmer when you move it around. This creates an eye-catching appeal.

Design can be printed on:

  1. Frosted cards
  2. Clear cards
  3. Plain white cards

Protection & durability

The metallic ink is made of metallic compounds, ensuring that the layers are hard and difficult to tear, peel or break.

Therefore, increasing the lifetime of your card and enhancing the experience of your customer.

Brand and image

This card represents wealth and luxury. If you are in either of these industries, we recommend you go for this design. Allowing you to stand out from the competition.

These are affordable cards that look classy.

3. Matte

Matte business card

Matte cards provide a clean, modern look to your business cards.

Looking the best in black and standing out from other business cards.

Design enhancements

Matte business cards provide a more professional and clean look. They feel great in your hands and have no glare when you move the card to different angles.

They will not pick up any fingerprints when handling the card. Therefore, increasing the design experience of your customers.

These cards have a huge visual appeal and are very attractive.

Protection & durability

These are less durable cards as they are more susceptible to fading and peeling on the edges of the card. Therefore, meaning that they will not last as long as the other card designs.

These cards will be damaged by water and will not look the same again. Therefore, it is important that they are kept away from wet elements to preserve the card.

Brand and image

The matte card adds a professional and clean look to your business that enhances the overall quality of your business cards.

Adding a unique look to your business card is a great way to stay up to date and with the current trends.

If your business is looking for a more professional, sleek look. Then these are definitely the best cards for you.

However, these cards are slightly more expensive than our other cards. This is because of the matte compound that costs more to produce. But, if you buy in bulk, the price will not be that high.

4. 3D Bubble print

3D bubble business card

3D bubble printed cards can be a great way to advertise your company with a unique and creative style.

These cards have a 3D look, really making you stand out from the crowd.

Design elements

The 3D bubble cards provide a fun and unique touch and feel. The 3D print is visible in the light giving your card a magical appearance.

Producing printed images or patterns with an illusion of depth. This creates the ability to change when you move your card to different angles.

This unique feel in your hand is rigid and scratchy but very inviting and strange.

Protection and durability

These cards have a protective layer over your card that binds the layers together. Therefore, ensuring that your card does not peel or fade with time.

The protective layer prevents dirt, dust and grease from damaging your card. As a result, increasing the lifetime of your card.

Brand and image

This card design will impress your clients with its uniqueness. Therefore, increasing potential clients as they share this cool design with their others.

This is a fun, creative business card design. If you are in an industry that is creative and artsy. Then this is the card for you. You can design any hologram or 3D print you desire. The bubble card is just an index of how wild your imagination can be.


Card design

Business cards make a huge difference to your company and aid in the professionalism, personalization and marketing of your business.

We know how difficult it is to stand out and be creative. That is why we have displayed these four unique designs to get your imagination flowing with cool new and exciting ideas. Inspiring you to develop the best artwork design for your business cards.

Based on your companies needs and wants, you can decide which design best fits your business and then go from there. Let your imagination soar, allowing you to create the best business card out there.

If you are struggling with inspiration, contact our designer about what you are thinking of. We charge an R450.00 design fee for every new artwork design. Let us take care of the stress for you, allowing you to relax and know that your cards will be what your company needs.

For more information, please contact us.

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