Yellow ID card holders

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These name cardholders are perfect for schools, universities, security companies etc.

These name badge holders are made from sturdy plastic.

These handy ID card holders can clip onto a lanyard and a card can be slipped into it.

Yellow name badge holder

Please watch our video for the yellow name badge holder.


The badge holder can attach a crocodile clip or a PVC badge strap to this cardholder both vertically and horizontally.

Colour cardholders are great for:

  • Schools

  • Universities

  • Business events

  • Private security companies

  • Access cards

  • Name badges

  • Loyalty cards

  • Membership cards

The display name badges are made of polypropylene. This means that it is strong and durable.

Because everyone is different, we have a variety of choices. You can choose the colour that best suits your needs.

Our colours range from:

  • Yellow

  • Red

  • Blue

  • Green

  • White

  • Black.

Badge holders increase the lifespan of your cards by up to two or more years.

Stolen or lost cards are costly to replace.

Therefore, having a cardholder prevents your company from wasting valuable time and money.

The convenience of a badge holder

Accessing your card when it is in your bag or wallet takes time and can be impossible to find when in a rush.

Therefore, with cardholders strung around your neck or on your shirt. You can speedily access your important cards.

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Detail: Specs:
Colour Yellow frosted
Material Polypropolene
No. of cards 1
Display Horizontal & Vertical