Ultra laminating film pouches

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Ultra laminating pouches aim to cut down on the fraudulent use of fake or stolen identification.

There are a variety of options that we supply to protect your documents.

  • UV & varnishing.

  • Guilloche.

  • Holograms

  • Foils.

  • Watermarks.

See which options suit your company and it's needs.

High security printing

The high security printing feature is a necessary step against identification fraud.

Also known as the ultra laminating film pouches. Securing your important information.


  • Printed fluorescent green.

  • Butterfly strips.

  • 75 microns.

Increased global travel, organised crime and counterfeiters is on the rise.

Passports must therefore become ever more sophisticated to offer protection against identity fraud.

Advanced digital technology makes it easier for counterfeiters to copy and reproduce passports.

Therefore, it is vital to design and implement identity security technologies.

Solutions are available to address the challenges faced by governments and official organisations.

Currently, the DHA still uses these high security printing products to protect their ID books.

ID book for hih secuirty

ID books to ID cards

SA ID book

South Africa has slowly moved from ID books to ID cards.

Main features of ID cards

  1. Embedded micro. Securely storing citizen's data. As a result, including digital photographs and fingerprints.

  2. Encryption keys. Enabling identification and verification of people.

  3. Visual security printing features. Therefore, protecting against forgery.

  4. Highly durable polycarbonate ID card body.


  1. Reduce identity fraud and theft.

  2. One ID card for all SA citizens. Therefore, do not have to remember all documents.

  3. As a result, speeds up the identification process.

Smart ID card

ID books are still used in some areas of SA because they are more affordable and reliable.

Enhancing ID card protection.

Offering a variety of solutions to protect your cards from being tampered with.

Techniques necessary to protect your identity from criminals have increased over the years.

Technology such as UV, varnishing, Guilloche, Holograms and foils have entered the market which is difficult for criminals to replicate.

Uses of security printing

  • Police forces (policemen, customs officers, forensic labs).

  • Passport/ID industry (printers, manufacturers of security features).

  • Drivers licences.

  • Security Experts.

  • Commercial Banks and commercial companies.

  • Aviation companies.

  • Education institutions.

Spot UV and varnishing

UV embeds strong security features into the identity document.

Images are not visible to the naked eye. Shining the coat of arms with a UV light.

  1. This layering feature is very difficult to fake. Moreover, it is difficult to remove without tearing the important identity information off with it.

  2. Your ID information will be printed on the board paper and the UV varnish will be applied on top to secure your information.

  3. The fluorescent green inks of the coat of arms are put in place with UV laser beams.

As a result, you cannot peel them off without damaging the ID document.

Vanishing is found on ID cards where the security feature is applied to the polycarbonate material.

Therefore, making it difficult to remove important information.


Guilloche patterns for high security printing

Prevent forgery with unique pattern designs.

Patterns consist of a series of woven, curved lines in a geometric pattern that can be applied in various colours.

Background patterns consist of multiple lines that may look simple to the naked eye.

But, it is actually very complex.

To recreate the pattern, a thief would need complex codes. Therefore, making it virtually impossible to replicate.

Customize unique patterns or use templates.

All guilloche patterns are identified using a specific card reader which we can supply.

Moreover, effective and beautiful designed guilloche uniquely to your companies needs.


Hologram for secured ID

Record in 3D with advanced pieces of technology.

Therefore, standing out of the image.

Why use holograms as security printing?

  • Impossible to duplicate a hologram with a basic scanner or a colour photocopying machine.

  • Cannot fabricate or copy a hologram through printing processes.

  • Additional levels of security control for a card.

Apply a hologram to your ID book or cards with a transparent layer. Also done with a special ribbon.

Contact us more for this special ribbon.


Foil technology for protection

Press a metallic foil onto your card/document using a hot foil stamping machine.

Difficult to replicate as it requires expensive equipment and knowledge of plastic card manufacturing.

As a result, easily spotted if counterfeited.

Customize your foil stamps. Then we can stamp your custom document with a specific symbol.


Watermark for specialized ID cards

Printed directly onto your card in production, watermarks are visible when shined into the light.

An additional layer of security.

Cost-effective and also hard for criminals to tamper or replicate.

Found on these printers:


  • Pronto.

  • Enduro3e.

  • Prima.

The custom feature allows you to produce your unique logo or texts. Reducing replication.

We also supply stock images if you do not have a logo or text.



Due to the ever-growing number of criminals attempting to produce counterfeit passports and the sophistication of their methods, the development of more sophisticated technologies is essential.

The discussed multilayered process, which aids the provision of high security for passports, consists of a combination of covert and overt techniques, such as micro text and -print, film overlays and UV and heat transfer inks.

Therefore, the development and implementation of these high security printing innovations will make it increasingly difficult for counterfeiters to make further progressions in their efforts to forge passports successfully, aiding in protecting public safety on a global level.