Sticky backs - self adhesive cards

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    Typically used when technology cards are too thick to run through ID card printers.

    Card information is first printed on the adhesive sticky-back card and then stuck onto a technology card. You can then re-use the technology card thereafter. Each Sticky Backs card is made from high-quality materials that resist smudging and fading. 

    Our self-adhesive cards are incredibly easy to use. Simply peel off the backing and stick the card to your technology card - no need for messy glue or tape. The cards are also easy to remove and reposition, making them perfect for when you need to update or change your technology cards.

    With us, you can save money and add sustainability to the environment by reducing unnecessary waste.


    Colour Clear and white sticky-back
    Material PVC and silicone
    Size 500 mic (54mm X 86mm)
    Detail Durable & flexible