Split Key Rings 25mm

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The split key ring is made of high-quality, durable metal.

They are widely used for holding keys or key fobs, keyrings and attach easily to ID cards and ID cardholders, belts etc.

This is a great accessory.

Split key ring

This split key ring is made of nickel.

It is 25mm in diameter.

The key ring is mainly used for attaching an ID card to a

  • Keyring

  • Cardholder

  • Belt

  • Key fob

  • Linking a batch of cards together like rule cards.

The split key ring is made of high-quality, durable metal.



Important for security control. Enabling the company to identify where an employee is in case of an emergency. Enabling increased security.


Identifying employees and visitors is good for security. Ensuring your company is safe and secure.

Therefore, customers will know who to look out for if they need additional help.


For sanitation reasons, clips are important for healthcare workers.

Trade fairs

Staff is able to go to secure areas with a backstage pass. Ensuring that the event is safe and secure.


Students receive lanyards as they enter your campus on the first day. Therefore, a great way to market your university.

Gyms and health clubs

Helps gyms keep track of who’s in the gym and increases their branding identity.

Therefore, clips can be used in any setting and increase your brand identity.

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Detail: Specification:
Colour Silver
Material Nickel
Size 25mm X 25mm
Weight 0.023kg