Slik Mini-Pro V Tripod with 2-Way Pan/Tilt Head

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This mini tripod has a 2-way pan head with a panhandle allowing the camera to move with ease on the mounted tripod.

This Slik Mini Pro V is small and is an easy travelling buddy. It is less than 8 inches long when packed up and weighs 0,5kgs.

This mini tripod has a suction cup at the base of the centre column which will allow the tripod to be "stuck" onto a window or smooth metal surface for picture taking.

The Mini Pro V can be used as a chest-piece by raising the centre column halfway or more and placing the legs against your chest to stabilize the camera.


Specifications:  Description:
Dimensions: Height: 218mm, Length: 200mm
Load capacity 1.5kg
Weight: 345g
Leg sections: 2
Leg lock type: Locking ring 
Head type: 2-way pan/tilt