Skim safe card holder

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The skim safe cardholder offers peace of mind when you need to carry sensitive RFID cards or passports.

These are great devices for RFID protection preventing skimming.

Skim safe cardholder

The skim safe cardholder offers theft protection.

These RFID secure cardholders offer you peace of mind when you carry RFID cards or passports.

SkimSAFE blocks all high-frequency signals to and from your cards.

What is It made of?

The skim safe cardholder is made of thin material making it easy to slip the cardholder into your wallet or purse.

Includes indentation to easily remove the card from the holder.


  • Ideal for debit cards.

  • Credit cards.

Skimming and scamming

Skimming is a common method of credit card fraud. It happens quickly and easily.

Skimming occurs at the point of sales (POS) where legitimate transactions occur.

RFID chips do have encryption, so it should not be easy to scam but thieves bypass this.

Thieves who have RFID readers nearby can pick up card information from 10 feet away. Easily obtaining your information.

Skimming occurs:

  • Withdraw money from an ATM.

  • Make transactions at a shop, petrol station or restaurant etc.

Examples of skimming:

Thieves will open gas pumps and embed a device that captures card numbers.

Thieves will position a camera/ cellphone that records your pin number. Fake cards are then encoded with the information and they are able to steal your money.

Preventing card skimming

  1. Do not use free-standing terminals.

  2. Deal directly with the teller or cashier when exchanging money.

  3. Look out for damaged card readers.

Be aware of what you are spending, read your credit card statements every week and ensure that they match.

Keep your receipts as a point of reference, because you can refer back to them.

Protection online

When buying online. Make sure you have a secure online payment system intact.

Ensure you have identity theft and browsing features.

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