Skim safe card holder

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    The SkimSAFE cardholder offers peace of mind when you need to carry sensitive RFID Access Cards, Debit Cards or Credit Cards around.

    When someone tries to skim your card details using skimming devices (easily bought on Amazon), a built-in jamming device is automatically activated that creates a protective forcefield around your cards, making it impossible for a thief to obtain your card details.

    These are great devices for RFID protection preventing skimming, offering theft protection.

    Skim Safe Sleeves are optimal for debit and credit cards and for putting them in your wallet.

    Please specify in your quote which Skim Safe you prefer.


    • Access cards for mines & office buildings.
    • Credit and debit cards for personal use.


    Material Durable aluminium & PVC
    Colour White, Blue and Grey
    No. of cards 1
    Display Vertically & Horizontally