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These recycled HID PVC cards are done in our factory.

Saving your business money and reducing unnecessary waste in the environment.

Business cards made from recycled materials

We recycle 80 000 PVC business cards made from recycled materials a year. As a result, these are difficult to recycle.

Replaced every year, these cards collectively contribute around 5.7 million tons of excess plastic to landfills around the world.

This is a huge environmental issue. Landfills are filling up and pollution is piling up in the sea as a result.

Therefore, at Easi-card we want to show our customers that it is possible to become eco-friendly.

Process of recycled business cards

  1. A new photo is taken of your employee.

  2. Credentials are updated and the new card is printed off one of our printers.

  3. Place the tamper-proof void sticky solution on the back of the card.

  4. The old technology card also has a new void sticky solution placed onto the back of the card.

  5. Stick the two cards together.

  6. Completed recycling process.

This allows you to use the original access card multiple times over. Exceeding its lifetime and saving your business money.

If an employee leaves your company. You can simply deactivate their access card.

As a result, you can assign the same access card to a new employee and stick them together.

We have managed to save Sasol millions by using this recycled technology.

We have also saved the environment 900kgs of plastic every year.

Environmental effects of PVC business cards

As we know, plastic is the environment's biggest problem.

Plastic releases toxic chemicals into the air and pollutes our environments. This can result in serious human health issues related to cancer.

Plastic is found everywhere. It contributes to overall climate change and ozone layer depletion.

As you may know, Agenda 21 has been implemented to prevent global temperatures from rising.

Our solutions to climate change

Although our solution may be small, we strive to make a difference.

We are taking concrete steps to make a change.

Your company can recycle your cards easily. Saving your business time and money.

Customers duty

Purchased products do not comply with environmental standards. As a result, customers cannot make informed decisions.

Informing our customers about our commitment to the environment is important.

Customers are looking for ways to positively change the world.

This product enables us to deliver on consumer needs and offer a product that is in line with corporate sustainability values.


Saving the environment is possible, but we need your help.

All we ask from you is to make the right choices for a sustainable future.

Please contact us for more information.