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A pin badge is a safety clip that sticks to PVC cards.

Pin badges are easily attached to ID name cards and go through clothing easily.

Great for employees/contractors that do not want to pay for cardholders or slot punched card.

Pin badges

Pin badges have an adhesive strip that can be peeled off to stick onto the back of a PVC card.

Badges easily go through clothing.

It is mainly used for employees/contractors that do not want to slot punch a card or use a cardholder or lanyard.

Pin badges are cost-effective and easy to attach.



Great for security protocols. Ensuring security is not breached.


Identifying employees and visitors is good for security. Ensuring your company is safe and secure.

Therefore, customers will know who to look out for if they need additional help.


For sanitation reasons, clips are important for healthcare workers.

Trade fairs

Staff is able to go to secure areas with a backstage pass. Ensuring that the event is safe and secure.


Students receive lanyards as they enter your campus on the first day. Therefore, a great way to market your university.

Gyms and health clubs

Helps gyms keep track of who’s in the gym and increases their branding identity.

Therefore, clips can be used in any setting and increase your brand identity.

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Description: Specification:
Colour White
Material PVC with 3m adhesive
Size 31mm X 5mm
Weight 0.6g