Monochrome Ribbon, White 1500 Prints

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The white monochrome ribbon is unique and only compatible with the Entrust range.

Genuine ribbon prevents your printer from being damaged.

Including cleaning card and sleeve.

Monochrome ribbon card printer

The monochrome ribbon card printer is for the Entrust series, printing 1500 cards.

Prints monochrome on the front and back of the card.

There is a protective overlay on the back to secure the cards information.


Datacard ID card printers

  • SD160, SD260, SD360, SD460

  • SP35, SP55, SP75


Monochrome resin is needed to print readable barcodes.

High-quality crisp text.

  • Delivers image density adjustments.

  • Tracks image usage.

  • Provides ribbon conservation.

  • Ensures reduced errors.

What's inside the box?

  1. Cleaning card

  2. Cleaning sleeve

  3. Monochrome ribbon

Only compatible with dual-sided printers.

This biodegradable Entrust ribbon has the same reliability, life cycle, and performance as all the other Entrust ribbons.

Please note:

  • Not compatible with any other card printer.

  • It will not work with a Datacard printer that has R010 on the LCD screen.

  • But, it will work with a non regionalised Datacard printer that has EnUS in the top right corner of the LCD Screen.

Importance of using Datacard ribbons

You must use ribbons compatible with your Datacard ID card printer to ensure that it is not damaged.

Genuine ribbons ensure your printer lasts long.

Therefore, preventing the printer from breaking.


  • On one of the ribbon rollers, you will find RFID.

  • This antenna must not be removed as it allows the printer to identify that the ribbon is inserted.

  • If you remove the antenna then you will get an error message. (Print ribbon not identified).

  • Do not remove the antenna.

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