Lanyard breakaway clip 20mm

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Breakaway clips are great safety mechanisms for schools and factory industries.

The breakaway clip opens when the lanyard is pulled, preventing accidents.


  • Employees with heavy machinery

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

Why you should use breakaway clips

What is a lanyard?

A lanyard is a card accessory that you wear around your neck.

Normally to display your identity for a company or school. They are convenient and easily accessible.

Therefore, ensuring that security is intact.

Why is a breakaway clip important?

A breakaway clip is a great safety mechanism.

It is a safety device and it will break away if something goes wrong so as to prevent major injuries.

Please look at our range ofcardholders andlanyards that will go well with this feature.

Mainly used for:

  • Schools where children can get yanked. The lanyard allows for a quick breakaway.

  • A safety device in factories with machinery. It will break away if something goes wrong so as to prevent major injuries.

Dangers of lanyards without clips

Your employees that work with large and heavy equipment are at risk.

Anything in your factory that involves heavy machinery could injure your employees. The lanyard could get caught in the machine and pull them in.

A lanyard can get caught easily on a child’s neck. Therefore, causing unnecessary harm. Children can easily get hurt when they play or run around. Caught on anything.

At a hospital, lanyards could get caught on patients' beds etc. As a result, making it a hazard.

Benefits of breakaways

If safety is an issue at your workplace, breakaway clips are the answer.

Placed at the back of your neck.

Therefore, opening when the lanyard is yanked.

This quick release clasp opens without choking you.

Cost & convenience

Breakaway clips are cost-effective solutions. Ensuring your safety is our number one concern.

Clips are convenient and easily accessible.


The breakaway clip is great to attach to lanyards and cardholders.

For more information please contact us.


Details: Specification:
Colour Black
Material PVC plastic
Size 3cm X 2cm
Weight 0.023kg