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Key Fobs

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Key fobs are necessary to gain access to an estate, building, office etc.

With secure RFID technology, you can monitor who comes in and out.

Key fob systems offer companies of all sizes the ability to keep your buildings, doors, stock, and staff safe with ease.

    • Unique access control - limit who can access your company by only giving access to your company, team or specific individuals and increase your security.
    • More secure - codes/passwords can easily be shared with anyone. Whereas, fobs can easily be tracked holding people accountable.
    • Timed access - you can control when people are allowed to access a building. Therefore, preventing employees from working on the weekends or entering restricted areas.
    • Visitor privileges - grant temporary access to visitors, stakeholders and people who need short term access like freelances.


Frequency 125 kHz
Size 36 mm x 29 mm x 6.6 mm
Memory storage 64 Bit
Reading distance  5-10 cm
Material ABS