ID card pouches | 88mm X 59mm

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    Looking for the perfect badge holder for your event? Our ID Card Pouches, measuring 88mm x 59mm, are the ideal solution for holding passes or identification cards at conferences and conventions. These flexible pouches keep your cards safe and secure while ensuring they remain visible.

    Key Features:

    • Enhanced Visibility: The transparent material allows your cards to be seen clearly, making identification quick and easy.
    • Durable Protection: Made from sturdy plastic, these pouches prevent your cards from being damaged, ensuring they stay in excellent condition.
    • Convenient Size: Slightly larger than a CR80 card, the 88mm x 59mm dimensions provide extra room for easy card access.
    • Versatile Use: Perfect for business cards, ID cards, loyalty cards, and membership cards.
    • Professional Appearance: Compatible with our lanyards and clips, these pouches offer a polished and organized look for any event.

    Order your 88mm x 59mm ID Card Pouches today and enjoy the convenience and security of a reliable card holder, ensuring your business name stays top of mind during interactions.


    Colour Clear
    Material PVC
    Length & width 88mm X 59mm
    Display Durable and flexible