HiTi Cs200e black ribbon 1000 prints

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    The black resin ribbon is only compatible with the HiTi CS200e and HiTi CS220e card printer. Printing 1000 ID cards.

    What's in the box:

    • Disposable cleaning roller.

    • Cleaning card.

    • Ribbon.

    1000 prints (single-sided) or 500 prints (double-sided), Black Only.


    Why do ribbons break?

    1. Print head temperature is set too high. Snapping your ribbon and damaging the printhead in the process. Therefore, it is important that you do not play with your printer manager.
    2. The location is off. Your printer is not printing directly onto the card. Slicing the ribbon when it touches.

    Please clean your printer:

    • With a cleaning card after 250 prints.

    • With a cleaning swab after 250 prints

    This ensures that your printer is clean and your print head is not damaged.
    Therefore, prolonging the life of your printer and the high-quality cards it produces.


    Prints 1000
    Colour Monochrome / black
    Material Dye film
    Weight 0.0150kg
    Size 10 cm (L), 8 cm (W), 8 cm (H)