HID Prox & MIFARE contactless smart cards

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    This card combines both technologies (HID proximity and Mifare). Two chips in one card. Storing your businesses information safely. Making it the most secure smart card out there.

    The HID Prox technology utilizes a unique ID number stored on the card to grant access to authorised users, ensuring that only those with proper clearance can enter sensitive areas. The MIFARE technology, on the other hand, uses advanced encryption to provide secure access to information and resources. Together, these technologies provide a high level of security and convenience, making them an ideal solution for a variety of industries.

    Your information is protected with encryption keys used in the mutual authentication process.

    The cards can be easily integrated into existing access control systems and can be used with a variety of readers, making them a versatile solution for any organisation.


    • Access control.
    • Time & Attendance Tracking. 
    • Cashless vending.
    • Public transportation.
    • Event ticketing.
    • Customer loyalty.
    • Photo ID cards.

    With their advanced security features and versatility, the HID Prox & MIFARE contactless smart cards are an essential tool for any business looking to improve security, streamline operations, and increase efficiency.


    Technology Read & write
    Frequency 125KHz
    Memory 1K & 4K
    Bit 32
    Material PVC