HID Prox card II Cards

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    The HID Prox Card II is a highly secure access control solution. These cards use 125 kHz proximity technology to enable contactless communication with readers, making it quick and easy for users to gain entry to secure areas.

    The HID Prox Card protects your business by controlling who is coming in and out of your premisis. These cards are also compatible with a wide range of HID readers and other access control systems, making them a versatile and flexible solution for businesses and institutions of all sizes.

    This low-cost solution is mainly used for:

    • Employee IDs
    • Staff ID cards
    • Security passes.

    Whether you need to secure access to sensitive areas of your facility, manage employee attendance, or monitor access to equipment or assets, the HID Prox Card II offers a reliable and convenient solution that is trusted by organisations around the world.


    Specs Read & write
    Read range 61 cm
    Frequency 125 kHz
    Bits 85
    Material PVC
    Size 86mm x 54mm