Evolis Primacy Colour YMCKO Ribbon, 300 prints

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Colour ribbon prints on both sides of the card.

Prints 300 cards with one ribbon.

The card lasts up to 3 years with the high print quality and maximized printhead use.

Evolis colour ribbon

The Evolis colour ribbon prints colour on both sides of your card.

What does this ribbon do?

This Evolis colour ribbon allows you to print on both sides of your PVC card.

Colour on the front of the card. Black with an overlay on the back of the card.

The ribbon is only for the Evolis Primacy card printer.

These consumables bring you printing quality and reliability, maximizing the lifespan of your Evolis print head.

It is important that you only use these consumables in your Evolis printer to ensure that the printhead is not damaged.

How many cards does it print?

The colour ribbon prints 300 ID cards at a time before you have to replace it.

Replacing your printer ribbons is easy. Just order your ribbon before you have printed 300 cards from us.

For more information, please contact us.

Specifications of Evolis colour ribbon

  • Colour ribbon panels include yellow, magnet, cyan, black and overlay.

  • The number of prints per roll: 300 card prints.

  • Cards lifespan: up to 3 years.

  • Which printers are compatible: Primacy, Zenuis and Elypso. We only sell the Primacy.

Quality of your cards

A protective varnish is applied to your cards when printed.

This retains higher image quality and guarantees a good presentation.

The quality of logos, images and text is great with the 300DPI Evolis card printer.