Entrust SD160 Monochrome (K) Ribbon, 500 prints

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The monochrome ribbon prints high-quality images and crisp text.

Produce ID cards for your business with the cost-efficient black ribbon.

Prints 500 ID cards.

Datacard monochrome ribbon

The Datacard monochrome ribbon does 500 prints.

The ribbon prints vibrant photo-like images and crisp, detailed text.


Featuring outstanding monochrome panels plus a transparent topcoat that conveniently adds an extra layer of protection to your cards.

  • The Datacard monochrome ribbon prints a single colour.

  • Solid colour only, no shades or shadows, does not work well for photographs.

  • Ideal for personalizing pre-printed ID cards, or printing on coloured card stock.

What’s in the box?

Comes complete with cleaning essentials to help maintain high-quality print results.

  • 500 monochrome prints per roll.

  • One Isopropanol cleaning card.

  • One adhesive cleaning sleeve.

Compatibility of colour ribbon

  • Datacard SD260, SD360, and SD460 card printers

  • Datacard SP25, SP35, SP55, and SP75 card printers

Please note:

  • This ribbon is not compatible with a card printer that has been stated.

  • It will not work with a Datacard printer that has R010 on the LCD screen.

  • But, it will work with a non regionalised Datacard printer that has EnUS in the top right corner of the LCD Screen.

Why do Datacard monochrome ribbons break?

  1. Print head temperature is set too high. Snapping your ribbon and damaging the printhead in the process. Therefore, it is important that you do not play with your printer manager.

  2. The location is off. Your printer is not printing directly onto the card. Slicing the ribbon when it touches.

Please clean your printer:

  • With a cleaning card after 250 prints.

  • With a cleaning swab after 250 prints

This ensures that your printer is clean and your print head is not damaged.

Therefore, prolonging the life of your printer and the high-quality cards it produces.

For more information, please contact us.