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Buy a new printhead if yours is stolen or damaged.

We want to save you money.

If you see visible damage on your printhead please contact us to see if we can repair it or order a new printhead for your printer.

Printer head replacement ID card printer

The Printer head replacement ID card printer is a replacement or spare part.

Necessary for printers who have had a damaged prinhead.

Damaged printhead

  1. Printing lines on your card.

  2. Displayed error message. Error 103.

Compatible ID card printer

All Entrust printers:

  • SD260

  • SD360

  • SD460

Damaged printer head

  • No cleaning or maintenance of card printer

  • Scratching from watch/bracelet.

  • Food in the machine.

  • Oils or hands touching without gloves.

The head is unable to continue its process of heating up and placing the ink on your card.

The printhead is easily loaded and unloaded.

What to do for the printer head

Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to prevent your printhead from breaking.

Printer heads are costly to replace.

Thorough and increased cleaning is important.

How to prevent the print heads from deteriorating

Regular usage

The best way to keep your printer in good condition is to use the printer regularly.

Regular cleaning

Use your printer’s cleaning supplies after every 250 cards are printed. Use a new cleaning card and cleaning swab every time.


If you do not intend to use your printer for an extended period, ensure that you clean them before use. Please store them in a clean environment away from dirt and intrusive particles.

Turning off the printer

When the printer is no longer in use, please turn off the printer. Never forcefully turn off the printer such as pulling out the power supply. Instead, use the power button on the printer so that it is shut down properly to protect the print head from being damaged.

For more information, please contact us.