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    We want you to save money. If your printhead has been stolen or damaged we can repair it or order a new one.

    We know how costly a new printer can be that is why repairing your printhead is a much cheaper solution.

    You will know when your printhead is damaged:

    1. Printing lines on your card.
    2. Displayed error message. Error 103.

    It is normally damaged by:

    • No cleaning or maintenance of card printer.
    • Scratching from watch/bracelet.
    • Food in the machine.
    • Oils or hands touching without gloves.


    Compatibility SD260, SD360 &SD460 card printer
    Colour Black


    Regular cleaning

    Use your printer's cleaning supplies after every 250 cards are printed. Use a new cleaning card and cleaning swab every time.


    If you do not intend to use your printer for an extended period, ensure that you clean them before use. Please store them in a clean environment away from dirt and intrusive particles.

    Turning off the printer

    When the printer is no longer in use, please turn off the printer. Never forcefully turn off the printer such as pulling out the power supply. Instead, use the power button on the printer so that it is shut down properly to protect the print head from being damaged.