Entrust Power supply, univ, 72W, 24 volt (CR805)

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    The power supply is only for the Entrust CR805 card printer.

    Compact, reliable and powerful supply for your printer.

    The high voltage of 72W, 24 volt.

    Entrust power supply

    This power supply unit is for the Entrust CR805 printer.

    This is only for the Entrust CR805 card printer.


      • Compact.
      • Reliable.
      • Powerful.

    What is the CR805 card printer?

    This is a dual-sided retransfer printer.

    Additionally, the card printer has a tactile impression.

    Therefore, meaning that your cards have increased security and encryption technology.

    The card printer has 600dpi resolution.

    Therefore, meaning having high-quality imagery and over the edge printing.


      • Corporate IDs
      • Healthcare
      • Universities
      • Schools

    Powering on your card printer

    When powering on your printer, make sure to wait until the LCD panel is available.

    Be patient.

    This will take some time. The LCD panel will display busy.

    When it is ready it will display ready on the LCD panel.

    As a result, you will have a smoother experience.

    Power supply reminders

    Please remember to turn your printer off on the power button first before plugging the printer out of the wall.

    Please clean your Entrust printer:

      • With a cleaning card after 250 prints.
      • With a cleaning swab after 250 prints
    This ensures that your printer is clean and your print head is not damaged.

    Therefore, prolonging the life of your printer and the high-quality cards it produces.

    Please contact us for more information.