Entrust CR805 simplex retransfer printer

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This card printer prints crisp quality ID cards.

Great for:

  • Corporate ID's

  • Schools

  • Airports/transport ID's

  • Events

Best of all you can print directly from your desktop with a click of a button.

Retransfer ID card printer

This retransfer ID card printer is at the top of the range. Entrust CR805 printer.

The retransfer ID card printer produces high-quality ID cards.

Right from your desktop.

Great for office environments or big industries.

Uses of ID printer:

  • Corporate badges.

  • School ID.

  • Airport Identification.

  • Events.

High-quality ID card solutions

  • Full-colour

  • 600 dpi. Ideal for small text, high-quality images and barcode resolutions. A higher resolution than the whole range of entrust card printers.

  • Over the edge printing.

  • 125 cards into the input hopper and 25 out of the output hopper.

Increased security

The CR805 ID card printer has enhanced security efforts to protect your cards from theft or fraud.

The ability to add a layer of retransfer film increases durability without the need for a laminator.

Optional upgrades:

  1. Dual-sided printing.

  2. Magstripe encoding.

  3. Printer lock.

  4. Lamination.

  5. Tactile impression.

Dual-sided printing ID card

You do not have to manually flip your ID card every time it prints a new card.

Therefore, making it simpler and easier to print multiple cards.
For more information please contact us.


Specification: Detail:
Print Technology Retransfer pigment ink.
Print capabilities Single OR dual-sided. over-the-edge ID card printing
Print resolution 600 dots per inch (dpi).
Print and tactile impression speed.

  • Full-colour printing:

    • Single-sided (CMYKP) - up to 100 cards per hour.

    • Double-sided (CMYKP-KP) - up to 66 cards per hour.

  • Printer with Tactile Impression Module

    • Single-sided printing and one front side impression - 46 cards per hour.

    • Double-sided printing and one front side impression - 29 cards per hour.

Colour modes

  • True Color (ICC) - prints colour as close as possible to the image as defined in the card design.

  • Legacy Sr/CR - prints colour as close as possible to the SR200, SR300, and SR300e card printers.

  • Vivid - printer colours with higher saturation and contract.

Card capacity

  • Input hopper - 125 ID cards.

  • Output hopper - 25 cards (optional 100)

  • Card input size - 0.76mm - 1.01mm.

Operating environment 15*C - 35*C.
Physical dimensions

  • Printer

    • L 44.2 cm x W 22.6 cm x H 22.9 cm.

  • Printer with Tactile Impression Module

    • L 75.7 cm x W 25.7 cm x H 65.0 cm.


  • Printer

    • 12.7 kg; options will vary.

  • Printer with Tactile Impression Module

    • 16.3 kg; options will vary.

Connectivity USB & Ethernet.

  • Printer: 36-month standard warranty.

  • Printhead: Limited lifetime warranty.

Magnetic stripe encoding

  • ISO/IAT Magnetic Stripe Encoding.

  • JIS Magnetic Stripe Encoding.


  • Wi-FI types: 802.11g/n.

  • Authentication Modes: None, WPA2.

  • Dual-band 2.4GHz & 5GHz.

SmartCard encoding

  • Single wire - Contact ISO 7816 T=0, 1

  • Contactless ISO 14443 A/B Protocols, Mifare Protocols &FeliCa (DES & AES)

  • Loosely Couple - Contact ISO 7816 T=0, 1

  • Contactless ISO 14443 A/B Protocols, Mifare Protocols & FeliCa

  • HID iCLASS, Read/write or read-only encoder

  • PC Prox

Colour ribbons

  • CMYKP: 1000 images (single-sided); 500 images (dual-sided)

  • CMYKP-KP: 750 images

  • CMYP-KPi: 750 images

  • CMYKP-KPi 500 images

  • FCMYP-KP: 750 images

Clear transfer film Two options:

  • 1000 images (single-sided), 500 images (dual-sided).

  • 1500 images (single-sided), 750 images (dual-sided).