Entrust Clear Retransfer film, 1500 yield (CR805)

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This retransfer film prints 1500 simplex and 750 duplex ID cards.

Printing high-quality images and crisp text.

Only compatible with the CR805 retransfer card printer.

Entrust Clear Retransfer film

The Entrust clear retransfer film prints 1500 cards.

Full-colour printing with topcoat for dual or single-sided printing.

The retransfer printer does not print directly onto the card.

Instead, it prints colour onto the retransfer film that is laminated onto the card using a heated roller.

(CMYKP) consists of:

  • Cyan (C)

  • Magenta (M)

  • Yellow (Y)

Fofr printing a full spectrum of colours onto PVC/Composite ID card stock.

The (K) panel is a black resin panel, typically used for printing in monochrome (barcodes, text, serial numbers, bold black graphics, etc.)

The (P) panel or primer panel is necessary to ensure maximum image adherence when using an Entrust ID card printer that uses pigment ink.

There is a protective overlay on the back to secure the cards information.


Featuring outstanding full-colour panels plus a transparent topcoat that conveniently adds an extra layer of protection to your cards.

Preventing scratching and fading, the (T) panel is thin. Therefore, the clear protective overlay that is applied to the entire surface of the card.

This Entrust YMCKT-KT colour ribbon produces the most beautiful identification cards with coloured photos on the market.

What’s in the box?

Comes complete with cleaning essentials to help maintain high-quality print results.

  • 1500 retransfer film.

  • 1 cleaning card.

  • 1 adhesive cleaning sleeve.

Compatibility of colour ribbon

Only compatible with the CR805 retransfer card printer.

1500 for Simplex printing and 750 prints for Duplex printing.

Please note:

Won't work with any other card printers.


  • On one of the ribbon rollers, you will find RFID.

  • This antenna must not be removed as it allows the printer to identify that the ribbon is inserted.

  • If you remove the antenna then you will get an error message. (Print ribbon not identified).

  • Do not remove the antenna.

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