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Entrust Cleaning kit, adhesive (5) sleeves/pack *

Original price R 331.46 - Original price R 331.46
Original price
R 331.46
R 331.46 - R 331.46
Current price R 331.46

Cleaning sleeves help make your cards beautiful and crisp. They are really important for cleaning your cards and removing dust/oils from them. 

This will prolong the life of your printer and save you money. 

Please maintain cleaning:

  • After 250 card prints
  • When a new ribbon is inserted
  • If the printer is in a dirty environment
  • If oils or dirt have touched the machine.


  • SD160, SD260, SD360, SD460
  • SP35
Sleeves per pack
Material PVC sticky back material
Colour Blue 
Type Replicable