Entrust Cleaning Sleeves (5 Per Pack)

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    Cleaning sleeves help make your cards beautiful and crisp. They are really important for cleaning your cards and removing dust/oils from them.

    The adhesive sticky material sticks onto the card once in the machine and removes any dust or oils from the card so that it comes out clean when you print on it.

    This will prolong the life of your printer and save you money. There are 5 adhesve sleeves in the pack.

    Please maintain cleaning your printer:

    • After 250 card prints
    • When a new ribbon is inserted
    • If the printer is in a dirty environment
    • If oils or dirt have touched the machine.

    You need to keep replacing these when the above happens so that your printer does not get damaged and lasts longer.


    • SD160, SD260, SD360, SD460
    • SP35
    Sleeves per pack 5
    Material PVC sticky back material
    Colour Yellow
    Type Replicable