Entrust Cleaning Kit, 10 cards per pack

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Cleaning cards are necessary to maintain the card printer’s lifespan and performance.

Cleaning cards remove dust, oils and other contaminants from the printer.

Keep your printer clean and safe from costly repairs.

Entrust Cleaning Kit

The Cleaning Card is an alcohol saturated card that is designed to safely and effectively remove dust, oils and other contaminants from the printer. It removes oils from the roller too.

What's in the box?

  • 10 cleaning cards

Printers you can use cleaning cards on:

  • SD160 Entry Level Card Printer

  • SD260 Single Sided Card Printer

  • SD360 Dual Sided Card Printer

  • SD460 Card Printer

  • SP35 Legacy Card Printer

  • CE840™ Card Printer and Embosser


Plastic cards are static and attract dust and particles.

ID card printers require a very clean environment to operate.

If the machine is not in a clean environment, issues will occur.

Some issues are easily fixable, such as an image that is not as sharp and crisp as it could be.

Other issues can be catastrophic. Like when debris gets inside of the printer and damages the printhead.

As a result, a white line is found down the length of every card. Issues can be fixed only when the printhead is replaced.

This is expensive, and potentially time-consuming, repair.

What your cleaning kit does

The Entrust Cleaning Kit maintains the card printer’s lifespan and performance.

Use a cleaning card

  1. Every time a ribbon is changed

  2. In dirty environments such as construction sites.

Once the Printer is clean you can continue to print amazing quality cards.

Good news: cleaning your printer requires minimal cost, time or effort on your part! It is normally as simple as running a few cleaning cards through the card path in the printer and using a “cleaning swab” to clean off the printhead and a few of the rollers in the printer.

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