DuraShield Clear (500y)

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Ensure that your important documents are not stolen.

Important for driver's licences and healthcare ID cards.

Prolong the life of these important cards.

Security laminate

This clear duraguard is a security laminate.

Only compatible with the Datacard SD460 and CD800 card printer.

This lamination shield prints up to ID 500 cards.


  • Driver's license

  • National health cards

Therefore, necessary for security solutions.


  • Resistance.

  • Edge-to-edge printing.


Only compatible with SD460 and CD800 card printer.

Protects against

  1. Fraud

  2. Forgery

  3. Counterfeiting


This lamination increases the lifetime of your cards by up to 7 years.

Record in 3D with advanced pieces of technology.

Therefore, standing out of the image.

Why use holograms as security printing?

  • Impossible to duplicate a hologram with a basic scanner or a colour photocopying machine.

  • Cannot fabricate or copy a hologram through printing processes.

  • Additional levels of security control for a card.

Apply a hologram to your ID book or cards with a transparent layer. Also done with a special ribbon.

Contact us more for this special ribbon.

Due to the ever-growing number of criminals attempting to produce counterfeit passports and the sophistication of their methods, the development of more sophisticated technologies is essential.

The discussed multilayered process, which aids the provision of high security for passports, consists of a combination of covert and overt techniques, such as micro text and -print, film overlays and UV and heat transfer inks.

Therefore, the development and implementation of these high-security printing innovations will make it increasingly difficult for counterfeiters to make further progressions in their efforts to forge passports successfully, aiding in protecting public safety on a global level.

Description Specification
Compatability Datacard SD460

Datacard CD800
Overlay Holograph
Thickness 0.6 mil