SD Series Cleaning cards

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    Ever wonder why your printer is damaged and going in for expensive repairs? Cards attract a lot of dust and make your printer dirty.

    Cleaning cards are so essential for maintaining your card printer. They remove dust, oils and other contaminants from the printer. There are ten cards in this pack with alcohol solution on either side, ensuring that your printer is cleaned correctly by the card and goes through the rollers.

    Using these cleaning cards, keep your SD card printer clean and safe from costly repairs.

    When to use a cleaning card?

    • After 250 card prints.
    • After every ribbon change.
    • If the printer is in a dirty environment.
    • If oils or dirt have touched the machine.



    SD160, SD260, SD360 & SD460 Card Printer

    SP35 & CE840 Card Printer

    Thickness 30 mil
    Material Alcohol saturated
    Colour White