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    The Badgy 200 colour ribbon is designed for exceptional performance with your ID card printer, capable of printing up to 100 cards before needing replacement.

    Key Features:

    • YMCKO Ribbon Technology: Utilizes Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, and Black colours for vibrant, single-colour printing.
    • Protective Varnish: Applies a clear protective layer on your cards, ensuring durability and maintaining high-quality images despite frequent use.
    • High-Resolution Printing: Delivers sharp, bright images and clear text with a 300 DPI resolution, guaranteeing professional-looking cards.
    • Extended Card Life: The protective varnish extends the lifespan of your printed cards up to 3 years, reducing the need for frequent reprints and saving you money.
    • RFID System: Equipped with an RFID system that automatically recognizes the ribbon in the printer, preventing the reuse of used ribbons for seamless and efficient operation.

    Ideal for businesses and organizations, the Badgy 200 colour ribbon offers a reliable and high-quality solution for all your ID card printing needs. Enhance your ID card printing experience with vibrant colours, long-lasting prints, and user-friendly features.


    Compatibility Badgy 100 & 200
    Colour YMCKO
    Print resolution 300 dpi
    Card lifespan 3 years