Badgy Colour Ribbon | 100 Prints

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    The Badgy 200 colour ribbon prints 100 cards at a time before needing to be replaced.

    Single colour printing is compatible with the YMCKO colour ribbon. This stands for Yellow, Magenta, Cyan and Black.

    YMCKO Primacy ribbons apply a protective varnish onto your cards, to retain a high quality of image despite its frequent use. This protective layer protects your cards from being damaged.

    The protective layer makes it possible to optimize the quality of printed images and logos with a 300 DPI resolution that guarantees beautifully printed cards.

    The colour ribbon produces sharp, bright images and clear text.

    The protective varnish allows a better lifespan of your prints. Printed cards can, therefore, be used for up to 3 years. Prolonging the lifetime of your cards and saving you money.

    RFID system

    The colour ribbon has an RFID system in place which automatically recognisies the ribbon in the printer. So you cannot re-use the same colour ribbon once it has been used as it will recognise the RFID chip.


    Compatibility Badgy 100 & 200
    Colour YMCKO
    Print resolution 300 dpi
    Card lifespan 3 years