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ID works allow you to produce photo IDs, enter and retrieve data, quickly capture images, securely connect to databases, and send data for encoding magnetic stripes and smart cards. 

ID works is an easy-to-use software if you are creating basic ID badges.

Great for:

  • Photo ID
  • Student cards
  • Employee cards

Downloading, Installing & creating your badge on ID woks

We made a video showing how downloading and installing ID works on your laptop. We explain how to create a basic ID. Please follow along to see how to create your design. 

ID works have a few templates you can choose from, so please feel free to use them if you don't want to design them all yourself. 

Designing your card 

Suppose you'd like to skip to the design of the card. This will help you.

Designing your card is simple; just. Follow. Along. With us. 

We hope these videos help you understand how to create your design. 

Adding a barcode to your design

Suppose you'd like to add a barcode to your design. You can do it simply by following this video below. 

The barcode on your plastic card allows you to store and read different data electronically. With employee cards, the barcode identifies the employee and links personal data with individual employee behaviour information. This data is stored centrally and can be used for different evaluations. For example. You can restrict certain employees from certain places because their barcode will not allow them into that area. 

How to connect your database to ID works

If you have a lot of employees or students, it can be tiresome to submit new information and print a card for every person. Instead, using a database is much quicker as you can print your cards as a batch and not individually. 

See this video on how to connect your database from an ODBC connection, we will explain this in the video below.

How to connect an SQL 2008 database to ID work?

If you have created your database in Microsoft and want to connect it to your Id works software, then you have found the right place. 

Connect your database by following our video below.

Printing your ID card

Now that you have followed all the steps., you can begin the printing process. Follow along to see how to print your ID card.

We really hope these videos hhelpPlease contact us if you are having any trouble and our support team will be happy to help you.