Artwork & database help -

How to create a database

In this video, we will explain database design. We will show you how to create a database for Variable Data Printing.

Variable data printing is also known as VDP. VDP is a form of mass printing. Allowing you to print multiple cards with many variables on your cards.

Great for:

  • Membership cards
  • Business cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Gift cards


I am using Google Sheets. This is freely available to everyone so long as you have a google account.

This is important when you are printing multiple cards with variable data on them.

Please follow along to see how to properly create a database so that you can link it to your software and print cards directly.

We expect you to follow this procedure after every new design you create before sending it to us.

This will make designing and printing your card a simpler and better experience.

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