HDP Retransfer Film 1500 Prints (Fargo)

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This retransfer film prints 1500 ID cards.

Printing high-quality images and crisp text.

Used only for the HDP8000 Fargo dual-sided card printer.

Clear transfer film

The clear transfer film prints 1500 ID cards.

The retransfer printer does not print directly onto the card. Instead, it prints colour onto the retransfer film that is laminated onto the card.

Prints colour on the front and of the card.

There is a protective overlay on the back to secure the cards information.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 clear transfer film.

  • 1 cleaning roller. Removing dust and dirt from your cards.

Compatibility of Fargo colour ribbon 250 prints

Only for the FargoHDP8000 ID Card Printers.

Please note:

  • Not compatible with any other card printer other than the one stated above.


Featuring outstanding full-colour panels.

The film produces tamper-proof resistant cards with amazing 300dpi quality. Even on our technology cards.

Adding an extra layer of protection to your cards.

Allows for over the edge printing.

Printing a combination of full-colour images and one-colour text or barcodes.

Dye sublimation has a shelf-life of up to one year. You will have to replace it thereafter.

Ribbons that are more than a year old may not print optimally, therefore, costing more money and damaging your cards.

Therefore, costing more time and money in maintenance of reprinting your cards.

The ribbon has a printing capacity of 1500 colour transfer films cards per roll.


  • On one of the ribbon rollers, you will find RFID.

  • This antenna must not be removed as it allows the printer to identify that the ribbon is inserted.

  • If you remove the antenna then you will get an error message. (Print ribbon not identified).

  • Do not remove the antenna.

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