CR80 Cleaning Cards

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Cleaning cards for the Datacard printers.

Please maintain cleaning:

  • After 250 card prints

  • When a new ribbon is inserted

  • If the printer is in a dirty environment

  • If oils or dirt have touched the machine.

This not only will prolong the life of your printer but will save your business money!

Datacard cleaning card

The Datacard cleaning card is made for the Datacard card printers.


Saturated in alcohol. Therefore, cleaning your printer properly.

Designed to safely and effectively remove dust, oils and other contaminants.

Removing excess ink from your card rollers and transport rollers.

Ensuring that your images keep come out crisp.

Therefore, producing the best quality cards on the market!


  • The printer.

  • Transport roller.

  • Roller path guide.

  • Thermal print heads.

High static charge from plastic cards. As a result, they can attract a lot of dust and dirt over time.

When to use your cleaning card?

In order to increase the lifespan of your card printer and maintain its performance, you need to clean your printer.

Please clean your printer when:

  • 250 cards are printed.

  • Ribbon ribbon.

  • Dirty environment.

  • Touched by oils and dust.

As a result, once your printer is clean. It can print great quality cards.


  • SD160, SD260, SD360, SD460

  • SP35

Overview of Datacard Supplies.

Clean the Datacard printer for:

  • Smooth printing.

  • Brilliant image quality.

  • Enhanced security.

  • Exceptional performance.

Therefore, producing crisp and clear imagery on your ID cards.


  • Access cards.

  • ID cards.

  • Healthcare.

  • Corporate ID's.

  • Visitor cards.

  • Schools.

  • Universities.

  • Events and concerts.

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