Clear lens ID card holders

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You can attach these badges to your T-shirt or around your neck with a lanyard where it is visible for potential customers.

Incredible branding for your company.

Safe, convenient and affordable design.

Clear lens cardholders

Clear lens cardholders are great for ID cards.

Lens clips tightly over the card which can be hung either horizontally or vertically.

Protects the ID card on the ID side and is durable so will not break easily.

Durable lightweight and convenient.

With clip and safety pin for convenient attachment.

Clips tightly over the face of proximity or ID cards. Protects cards while still displaying cards.


  • Confrences.

  • Meetings.

  • Corporates.


  1. Lanyards.

  2. Badges.

  3. Clips.

Why are name badges essential?

  • Making it easier for your customers to communicate to you if they know your company and name.

  • Great branding for your company.

  • Professional look.

These are great networking tools for events where complete strangers come together.

It is unlikely that you will remember everyone’s names on the first meet-up. Therefore, conference name badges reduce the unnecessary awkwardness of forgetting people’s names.

Allowing you to have meaningful conversations instead.

What do you normally find on badges?

  • Photo ID

  • Name

  • Company name

  • Position in company

  • QR code or barcode to access certain areas. Therefore, accessing the conference centre or office building.

  • Social media contact e.g. Linkedin, Instagram or FaceBook.

Try changing it up a bit and providing important, different information on your badge.

As a result, you will stand out from the others.

Important aspects of conference name badges

  1. The name must be easy to read.

  2. Design must be simple.

  3. No cluttering.

Therefore, consider the customer experience of reading the name badge.

As a result, it’ll be easier to read and retain information.

This is important so that they can do research at home about your company.

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